This lovely new range is available in many formats. Beginning with the small 600×300, 600×600 and the popular 600×1200. X-Rock delivers the same durability outside as well as inside.


“The collection’s surface effects are absolutely unconventional and ideal for Rock lovers, because nothing is quite what it seems. The dynamic power of stone offers the soft tactile sensation of velvet and seemingly monochrome walls and floors actually boast surfaces that vibrate with hidden colour.” – Imola.


The good news is that this tile is produced in 20mm thick stoneware. This offers a creative solution for paving and outdoor garden decoration.


Be quick while these tiles are selling for very reasonable price points.



Be sure to visit our range of GENUS for Home. Genus is Latin for “Origin”. For a classical touch, you cant go past the sheer beauty of GENUS.

interior design and ting trends 2021

Subway Tile Patterns to Consider

Subway tiles are everyone’s favourite, albeit they can be a bit mundane. Discover some subway tile pattern inspirations that can make a world of difference for your home.

interior design and ting trends 2021

Interior Design Trends for 2021

Adding or altering the tiles in your home is a perfect way to revamp a space without total renovations, with the new splash of colour, pattern, and texture bringing energy to your home’s interior design. Whether you’re a design enthusiast or a professional interior expert, the question is what are the top tier interior design trends for 2021? After the big

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Imola Ceramica and Their Beautiful Range of Italian Tiles

There are certain areas of design where long-standing experience and premium craftsmanship simply cannot be imitated. One of those fields is ceramic tiles, and the long history of Imola Ceramica and their luxury Italian tiles is a prime example where replication is impossible. The unique style and gorgeous colours of Imola’s range of ceramic tiles have made them a staple in