Welcome to our latest release X-ROCK Collection from IMOLA – Tiles Full Of Life.

This is a versatile, rock effect with its unique surface texture. As a result this tile is ideal for renovating residential and commercial spaces.

X emphasizes the innovative character of this new collection and Rock contextualizes its rooted-in-stone origins“. – Imola

What’s Great About X-Rock

The ability to surprise your senses is what makes this range so special. At first appearances, this tile looks very rough. But then when you actually feel its surface, you are tricked! The tile is actually very smooth.

AM X-ROCK 4.tif

This lovely new range is available in many formats. Beginning with the small 600×300, 600×600 and the popular 600×1200. X-Rock delivers the same durability outside as well as inside.


“The collection’s surface effects are absolutely unconventional and ideal for Rock lovers, because nothing is quite what it seems. The dynamic power of stone offers the soft tactile sensation of velvet and seemingly monochrome walls and floors actually boast surfaces that vibrate with hidden colour.” – Imola.


The good news is that this tile is produced in 20mm thick stoneware. This offers a creative solution for paving and outdoor garden decoration.


Be quick while these tiles are selling for very reasonable price points.



Be sure to visit our range of GENUS for Home. Genus is Latin for “Origin”. For a classical touch, you cant go past the sheer beauty of GENUS.

Brick Look Tiles

Brick Tiles make a statement

Welcome to the new trend in ceramic tile. Its Brick Look.

Outdoor Tiles Perth

Ceramics International has a wide range of outdoor tiles.

At Ceramics International, we have the finest range of outdoor tiles. Ranging in sizes from 600x600mm to 300x300mm we have what you are looking for.

Slip resistance is important when choosing the right tile. We recommend tiles with a rating of 9 or more.  Creative Concrete has produced “Creacon”, a beautiful outdoor floor tile.

Bathroom Makeover

Being involved with Matt & Kim season 4 was very exciting and rewarding indeed. See how they went with their bathroom makeover.

Matt + Kim Episode 4: CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL from Channel 9 Perth on Vimeo.

Ceramics International Perth | Trends in Bathroom Tiles

Are you renovating your bathroom and just don’t know where to start when it comes to choosing the perfect tiles? With an endless range of colours, sizes, and materials available, it can seem impossible to pick the tile that is going to work best for you and your bathroom.

When it comes to bathroom tiles, we all want to choose a product that is strong, tough, and durable, as well as beautiful.

What to consider when choosing the right tile for your bathroom:

  • What colour/s are going to best suit the space?
  • What size/s are going to work well? Small tiles – or large tiles?
  • Should you tile the walls as well as the floor? How much is too much?

Ceramics International has a wide range of tiles from various high-quality brands available for our Perth customers. If you’re renovating your bathroom and don’t know where to start when it comes to making tough tile choices, talk to us today!

What colour/s are going to best suit your bathroom?

Colour is one of the most important choices we have to make when we are renovating any room in the house. The colours you choose will set the mood of the room, and as tiles come in an infinite range of colour choices, they are a great way to bring colour into your bathroom! For example, the following colours often work well in bathrooms:

White and grey tones – spacious, cleanliness

Green tones – calming, restorative

Blue tones – relaxing, serene

But that doesn’t mean you have to choose these colours for your bathroom! Tile choice is a great chance to express your personality, whether you choose a bold feature tile, a patterned tile, or extra-large tiles that exude luxury.

Ceramics International has tiles available to suit your bathroom, no matter what colour scheme you choose. And if you’re unsure about what tiles might best suit your bathroom, we are happy to help!

What size/s are going to work well? Small, medium, or large?

Tiles come in all shapes and sizes. The most popular bathroom tile sizes are 300×600 and 600×600, and of course, we have bathroom tiles that meet these specifications, and more! Smaller tiles can make a lovely feature, and large tiles can make your bathroom feel spacious and luxurious.

When you visit our Osborne Park showroom, you can see bathroom tiles in all shapes, sizes, and types, including:

  • Marble tiles
  • Stone porcelain tiles
  • Subway tiles

Visit us at 63B King Edward Road, Osborne Park to see our amazing range of bathroom tiles and be inspired!

Should you just tile the floor? What about the walls, the vanity, the bath?!

Tiles don’t just have to be for your bathroom floor. When you make careful choices, tiles can look amazing on your bath, your vanity, and even the walls! Choosing the right mixture of tiles, paint, and/or wood features for your bathroom can be tricky, but when done correctly, the result will be phenomenal!

Talk to the tile experts at Ceramics International about your bathroom vision, and we can help you choose the right tiles for a spectacular end result. Contact us today!

Ragno Rep

Meeting with Representative From RAGNO

Meeting with our trusted and loyal representative from RAGNO, one of our Italian manufacturers. Luca Giavelli has been looking after us for many years and we always look forward to being updated with the latest products and news on worldwide trends. These meetings provide invaluable opportunities to our business as we place forward orders and establish our future colours and trends.