Premium Tiles For Living Floors

Ceramics International stock a wide range of living floor tiles, including polished porcelains, rectified wood looks, and external glazed textured tiles. Whatever the application we will have a solution for your requirement. We also offer friendly advice on the correct tile for your situation and we work in partnership with professional tile installers, so we can offer a full service.

Outdoor Tiles

We are constantly growing our range of beautiful outdoor floor tiles. Alfresco’s are becoming a standard component of our Australian Architecture, and what better way to cover these areas, than with a hard wearing porcelain tile. There are a many considerations when selecting your Alfresco tiles.

  1. Style. Rustic random cut style or Modern contemporary.
  2. Colour. This is very important, and you must consider that darker colours will hold heat from sunlight.
  3. Finish. We always recommend a R10 slip resistant. All of our outdoor ranges are very suitable in finish.

Bank Quotes can be prepared so you can obtain finance from your lender. Ceramics International import living floor tiles from Italy, Spain and China so we can offer a broad pricing range, so whatever your budget we can fill your order.

Timber Look Tiles

Visit this growing range of practical porcelain tiles, made to look and feel like timber floors. No trees are used to produce these tiles.

Mixing it up

Considering complimenting elements of Timber Look Tiles with Stone Look Tiles. These two elements naturally compliment each other and are seen in nature, trees and stone! So when planning your design project think about using some stone tiles on the walls with timber tiles on the floor.

Marble Floor Tiles

Marble floor tiles, made with the finest porcelain is becoming very popular in Perth. In March 2016 we launched a promotional special on our very popular SAHARA range. This range has been further reduced to a low $44sqm, but only while stocks last. So be quick. Check out this range here.

Brick Tiles

The recent trend into Brick Tiles has seen a warm introduction of a past era. Ideal for creating a design feature in homes and business.




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wood look floor tiles

Woodmania by RAGNO

Marazzi Tiles

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See our beautiful range of tiles from Marazzi Group.



Brick Tiles – Re-interpretation of the classic urban look. The latest trend in the tile world, is Brick Tiles. Naturally they are made in various sizes. The traditional 230x76mm is

Marble Floor Tiles

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NAVONA FLOOR TILES in 800x800mm for $48sqm Marble floor tiles are growing quickly in popularity. Ceramics International stock a vast range of Marble look porcelain tiles. They come in two

Concrete Look Tiles

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See our beautiful range of Concrete Look Tiles

Imola Ceramica

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