Choosing the Right Bathroom Tiles: The Most Popular Types of Bathroom Tiles For Your Home
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With so many options and trends today, it can be a daunting experience deciding to build or renovate your home. Wet areas are one of the hardest areas to implement design and practicality, but the right tiles can inspire innovation and creativity, and we offer that inspiration through our display designs of bathroom tiles in Osborne Park. Providing affordable and best quality tiles, we can help turn your bathroom into the most practical and aesthetically pleasing room in your home. 

Your bathroom can be one of the most exciting spaces to renovate if you want to create a completely unique and individual design for the rest of your home, and just as exciting if you want to find the right tiles to create cohesion and spatial flow throughout your whole house. Give yourself the chance to be brave and experiment with your space by understanding your options and the different types of tiles available to you to bring your dream, Pinterest-inspired bathroom to life.

What are the most popular types of tiles?

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are most commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms and can often be the most affordable type of bathroom tiles in Perth. Ceramic tiles are created using natural clay and fired at a high temperature to reduce the water content, and glazed to create a non-porous surface resistant to water and stains, and is incredibly easy to clean as the surface does not hold onto dust or dirt. Ceramic tiles will not stain, although once grouted will need to be sealed to avoid moisture setting into the grout joints. Modern tile production allows for ceramic tiles to be printed or embossed with almost any style and pattern you could want. 

  • Pros: Many design options, durable, low maintenance, affordable 
  • Cons: Cold and hard (not compatible with padded underlayments), grout requires sealing   

Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are extremely versatile and can be used for every project, from bathrooms to outdoor living spaces, ideal for heavy traffic areas, and are one of the most popular options for bathroom floor tiles in Perth. Unlike ceramic tiles, during the production of porcelain tiles, the colour is baked all the way through the tiles and at a higher temperature, making it a denser tile less prone to damage. If these tiles do chip or scratch, it is less noticeable as the colour is carried through the entire tile. The manufacturing process of porcelain tiles is more complex than ceramic tiles, making them a slightly more expensive option. 

  • Pros: Many design options, higher durability, water resistant, low maintenance
  • Cons: Higher cost, grout requires sealing, heavy material

Stone/marble tiles

Natural stone and marble tiles are rapidly becoming a popular bathroom trend in Perth, with endless bathroom tiles options available in our Osborne Park display store, combining natural beauty with luxury and elegance that will have an everlasting appeal. Stone and marble tiles can instantly elevate the look and feel of any space, and bring a touch of grandeur to your bathroom with the durability and low maintenance desired in a high traffic area. With a variety of different shades and patterns these tiles have the versatility to inspire a dramatic or refined design with the options of bold, frequent veining, or fine feathery veins. Due to the natural design of these tiles, there will be natural deviations and when laid the patterns may not always appear cohesive. The properties of these tiles mean they can effectively conduct heat, giving you the option for an added luxe feature of underfloor heating. 

  • Pros: Elegant and luxurious, increase home value, low maintenance
  • Cons: Higher cost, require regular sealing, scratches easily, slippery 

Granite tiles

Granite is one of the strongest and most durable materials. It is created through a very slow cooling process, building resistance, which also creates inflexibility. The solidity of granite tiles ensures longevity and durability, however, being an incredibly hard and heavy material, they are difficult to lay. The surface they are being laid on must be completely leveled and able to support such weight or the tiles will crack easily.

  • Pros: Wide colour variation, durable
  • Cons: Heavy, hard to install

Glass tiles

Glass tiles and glass mosaics are perfect for adding a bit of personality to your bathroom. The endless colour variety of glass tiles makes them the most appealing and charming option and their glass finish makes them easy to clean and maintain. However, they don’t have the appeal of matte or gloss tile surfaces where smudges and marks are less noticeable. Using glass in a wet area will need regular cleaning and maintenance because they will display noticeable smudges and dried water marks. If you don’t want to be wiping down every surface in your bathroom daily, glass tiles can be used as a backsplash feature or to break up the layout of solid tiles. 

  • Pros: Many design options, adds character, easy to clean
  • Cons: Higher cost, easily marked and scratched, difficult to install, more grout lines

Slate tiles 

Natural slate offers functional durability with the elegant beauty of natural stone. High quality slate will likely last decades if installed properly and add value to your home, although top quality slate doesn’t come cheap. It needs to be sealed regularly and is ideal for heavy traffic areas and is resistant to chips and scratches. When using slate, you can trust that your bathroom design will be completely unique and one of a kind with whatever colour combination you choose. 

  • Pros: More affordable than other natural stones, durable, unique, very low maintenance 
  • Cons: Difficult to install, difficult to repair/replace, requires regular sealing

When renovating any space, high quality tiles and professional installation is essential if you want your tiles to last. With most heavy duty, durable tiles, the underlay must be perfectly levelled to prevent the flexing and cracking of the tile itself or the grout joints.