Imola Ceramica and Their Beautiful Range of Italian Tiles

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There are certain areas of design where long-standing experience and premium craftsmanship simply cannot be imitated. One of those fields is ceramic tiles, and the long history of Imola Ceramica and their luxury Italian tiles is a prime example where replication is impossible.

The unique style and gorgeous colours of Imola’s range of ceramic tiles have made them a staple in kitchens across the globe, thanks in no small part to an ability to last for generations. Ceramics International are proud to work with Imola Ceramica as a trusted Imola Ceramica tile distributor, providing their beautiful European tiles Osborne Park to the people of Perth. 

Luxury tiles made in Italy

When it comes to luxury tiles, the Imola range is among the best in the world. Considering the history of the company this comes as no surprise, having surpassed quality standards and beauty expectations for over 145 years. They have operated from the same headquarters in Imola for that entire time, growing a thriving industrial centre that embodies the symbol it carries – Made In Italy.

Imola Ceramica has branched out over time to include three different brands – Leonardo, LaFaenza, and Imola – expanding the reach of this invaluable heritage company, and allowing lucky patrons like ourselves to install these passionately-made ceramic tiles in our homes.

The beauty of quality

At the time when Imola Ceramica started, durability of products was everything. Ceramics grew in popularity thanks to its ability to survive years of wear and tear, as well as withstand heat, moisture, and heavy daily use. This longevity only adds to the beauty of these stunning European tiles Perth, whose colours and tones last just as well as the materials they’re made from.

It is the quality of ingredients that makes the Imola range stand out from its competitors; every tone of colour and texture is baked into the tiles to create a stunning finished product. When placed around a room it creates a modern feel, where the warmth and richness of these quality tiles is palpable.

Modern shades in a classic style

While the historical techniques used to design and create each of these premium ceramic tiles has not changed much over the years, the range of colours and styles found in the Imola range shows they have no problem evolving in style. 

Shades is their latest gorgeous offering; a sleek, contemporary glazed ceramic tile in a range of colours inspired by hues from nature, and organic shades of the Mediterranean light. There are beautiful colours available in this line of Italian tiles Perth to suit any interior design style, including shades of red, yellow, orange, and beige, as well as blue and aquamarine.

Find European tiles Perth

Quality of product is key to everything we do here at Ceramics International, with a focus on finding and supplying the people of Perth with gorgeous tiles that are built to last. All of our unique tile collections offer a quality guarantee, with each premium product chosen thanks to a proven ability to withstand years of use, without diminishing in colour or finish. 

Whether you are looking to install premium Imola ceramic tiles, or prefer marble, stone, or concrete, our extensive range has something for everyone. Read more about the iconic Imola Ceramica brand of Italian tiles Perth online today, or get in touch to discuss any queries or quote requests.