Concrete Look Tiles

Concrete Look Tiles

Concrete look tiles are fast becoming the surface of choice for easy living families. They offer a natural earthy feel, with mat rough textures. We currently carry a number of ranges, which fits into this bracket of Porcelain Tiles. The most popular being the CREACON by Imola Ceramica Italy.

Open the door to a room tiled in Concrete Look Tiles and you are automatically welcomed in. You needn’t worry about how clean are your shoes. Concrete Look Tiles clean very easily, and do not demand constant sweeping. That’s why people choose these tiles. They are also the perfect choice for apartment homes, because these tiles can be extended to the outdoor balcony. This gives the floor a continuation between indoor and outdoor, and increasing the space we live.


Our range called CREACON by Imola, is an Italian made porcelain tile, that closely resembles concrete. It takes the natural look of concrete and re-invents the definition of Concrete Look Tiles. These tiles come in the following types:

  1. Natural. Most suitable for indoor surfaces, such as living rooms.
  2. Textured. Most suitable for the outdoors.

We currently carry three colours. Nero, Cream and Grey in 600×600. Special orders can be placed, with a lead time of 14 weeks.

For more information about Porcelain Tiles visit this page.

CREACON is now on sale for $55.00 sqm. This range is the perfect choice, if you are looking at tiling your home or office, and want a natural floor. The manufactures of this tile wanted to take the look of concrete, and recreate a tile that is visually pleasing, with a soft texture that is a pleasure to walk on. We believe they have succeeded in this tile.


This range is also made by Imola, and is another tile classified as Concrete Look Tiles. Available in many formats, including 45×90, 60×60, and also the large 90×90. The manufactures have also produced special pieces for step tread and skirtings, as well as complimenting mosaic sheets for kitchen splashbacks. Truly a splendid selection. Inspired by our busy metropolitan lifestyle.


In March 2016, we introduced a new line of rustic floor tiles, called Riverside. These tiles are 600mm x 600mm and come in three earthy natural colours. These tiles are also perfect for your outdoor living area! These Italian made tiles are very reasonably priced at only $55sqm. The Riverside range has a beautiful washed concrete appeal, so you will find strong variation between tiles. This range also has complimenting pieces, with timber styles and decorative colourful patterns.


Cream Nero Grey


600×600 600×300