Premium Ceramic Tiles

New design concepts do not come around very often, but this is exactly what this collection does. By combining technology with nature, IMOLA has given birth to a revolutionary product that is as beautiful as it is innovative. The idea behind the design is to focus on the relationship between humans and the environment.

The latest eco-efficient principles were combined in designing this product. It is sustainable and friendly on the environment which is perfect for any green building project. This versatile collection can be used for both residential and light-duty commercial environments. Whether it is a brand new home, cafe, restaurant, bar or retail outlet, the nature collection is a great choice.

The tiles are made from glazed and un-rectified porcelain. The mat smooth finishes also give the nature collection a clean, modern look. This material is incredibly easy to clean, so it offers an exceptional level of convenience. More importantly, this cuts down on water usage and other cleaning resources, which offers additional eco-friendliness.

At Ceramics International, we take pride in delivering the highest quality tiles at affordable prices. Our products come from designers and manufactures around the world. Come visit our showroom today to learn more about our products.




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