Patterned Tiles

Patterned Tiles

At Ceramics International, we place a strong emphasis on highlighting the best patterned tiles in Perth. Sourced from three main manufacturers from around the world, they include:

  • Dune Ceramics
  • Imola Ceramics
  • Ragno Ceramics

Fashions in patterned tiles in Perth has always been slowly evolving. The pattern market, remains driven by trends set by European designers in Europe.

Hexagonal tiles with strong Spanish influence.

In late 2015 many producers focused much attention to creating lovely designs, on hexagonal shaped tiles. These tiles received a warm reception in Perth, however did not set new sales records. While hexagonal tiles look the part, they are not for everybody. That did not stop us from offering some beautiful tiles in this section.

Rich Colours

We believe there will be a move towards strong colour, with texture. View our range by Dune. Made in Spain, these tiles use colour in a bold and adventurous way.


We are very excited this year. We will be adding new patterned tiles to current ranges like the Concept Range. Another series of tiles called the Riverside, also has a beautiful compliment of decorative tiles. Expect an increasing range of patterns printed onto 600 x 150mm tiles. These can be easily installed,and are very affordable.  Pressed patterns is still making a return. These resemble the pressed tin element.


Mosaics remain very popular. We have a good range of mosaic features, for any taste. Consider using marbles in grey and white, to give your bathroom a design edge.