Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain Tiles by definition is a “High Density Ceramic”. With a plethora of choices, finding the right floor tile can be a challenge. Porcelain Tiles are available in polished, lappatto and honed finishes. Rough outdoor finishes are also available, in non-slip textures. Porcelain Tiles are also available in rectified and non rectified formats. So if you are considering tiling your floor, make sure its with Porcelain. Good quality Porcelain Tiles, made in Italy and Spain, are still considered the bench mark for the rest of the world.


Available in three main types.

  1. Fully Body Porcelain. This type of tile is made with only one layer of coloured matt porcelain. Often found and used on commercial applications.
  2. Glazed Porcelain. This is the most common type of porcelain tile available on the market. These tiles are made of a composite porcelain base, then they are glazed with a print of colour/design.
  3. Polished Porcelain. These tiles are made of a layer of coloured porcelain (like Fully Body) then polished to a very high, mirror like shine.

The tile featured in this section (Left) is a Glazed Porcelain. Its called: CONCEPT


Porcelain Tiles are available in three main finishes. The most common finish is Polished. The other types are:

  1. Lappatto. This is a semi-polished or buffed finish.
  2. Matt or Structured. These porcelain type is commonly used for outdoor applications and non-slip environments.


Floor tiles are either formatted to a calibrated size by either:

  • Rectification. These tiles are called RECTIFIED TILES. This means the tile was cut to the finished size. Much the same way as timber is cut to board sizes.
  • Pressed. This is the oldest way of pressing tiles to the finished size. They will have a soft or round (pillow) edge.


The tile featured to here is the CONCEPT range. One of our most popular Porcelain Tiles in our store. They are available in two sizes and four colours. They are a glazed Rectified Porcelain tile with a mat finish. Currently on sale for $66.00 sqm.

Concept tiles are now available as an outdoor paving pad in large rectified format. See our news post here for more information. Link.


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