Thin Tiles

Thin Tiles used for walls

One of the latest trends emerging are the use of Thin Tiles. These tiles are Made In Italy, and generally are as thin as 2.5mm to 4mm, while the standard thickness is 6mm. Now they are commonly used as kitchen splash backs. RAGNO have created a “Large Format” range of thin tiles in a marble style.


So what is the advantage of Thin Tiles? These tiles can be laid over existing tiles, without the need to remove old tile. So home renovators find these tiles very advantageous. This cuts the cost and burden of tile removal.

Importing costs are lower, resulting in a lower price point to the customer.

Tile Sizes

We carry three sizes in thin tile.

  1. 200 x 400 mm. This range is called the VOGUE range, and makes up one of our builders range.
  2. 300 x 600 mm. This range is called the FANTASY range. Available in white only.
  3. 1200×2400. Large Format.

Panel Tiles by RAGNO

Extract from :

“Efforts to develop ISO standards for thin tile and installation standards are afoot, and TCNA is working in conjunction with the international body to provide input. TCNA is also collaborating with labor to quickly develop installation standards for North America to reduce incidents of performance failures due to incorrect methods or materials.”


Released at the 2016 trade fair. Fantasy is a 600×300 thin tile in a matt finish. This range has a beautiful selection of structural 3D decorative designs. The tile featured below is from this range. This 3D design called Fantasy Bianco Prism is available now and retails for $60sqm. Today the FANTASY remains a very popular selling thin wall tile.









White Black Ivory Tan



600×300 – Fantasy Range