Timber Floor Tiles

Timber Floor Tiles

The main advantage of using timber floor tiles is the durability, that only porcelain can provide. Why are so many people making the switch to a porcelain reproduction of timber? The main reason we find is that these customers are actually replacing real timber floor that has been damaged due to some sort of flooding incident. After major thunderstorms, many timber floors are ruined when gutters over-flow, causing rain water to flood through the home. Timber Floor Tiles are not effected by these disasters. Laminate timber flooring, which includes the trendy Bamboo, is even more prone to water damage then natural timber.


This new addition of timber floor tiles is our largest. It measures 1200mm x 200mm. Its is also one of our finest high end porcelain floor tiles. They have a true to life matt texture. The WoodZone range of timber floor tiles have a unique sophistication, using dark moody colours.

For more inforamtion on this truly beautiful range visit: Leonardo



A little bit of information about this famous Italian company. They have recently merged with our main supplier Imola Ceramica. This new development opens up our available range in a massive way. We are very proud to be able to cross promote tiles from this fine factory, Lenardo. Check out their lovely range of marble tiles!

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Sub Way TIles are a natural compliment for Timber Floor Tiles. This creates a lovely warm and soft touch to your bathroom.






1200mm x 200mm