Wood 161

Timber look tiles

Wood look tiles are fast growing in popularity due to its durability and functionality. The question of Timber v’s  Porcelain is a complex one. Timber floors offers a natural look, with warmth and charm, while porcelain provides a hard durable surface, sustainable under any condition. While both timber floors and porcelain floor tiles have been around for centuries, its only recent that these two products have finally met. Now you can have all the looks and charm of timber floor boards, while enjoying the care-free lifestyle of living on porcelain tile.

Wood 161

Our WOOD 161 range by Imola Ceramica in Italy, offer the final solution to the question of Timber v’s Porcelain. Produced in large sizes such as 1000×160, these timber look tiles are rectified and stylized in detail with timber textures, including a cross grain saw cut. The end result, is a timber look porcelain floor, that looks so real, its impossible to tell the difference. These tiles are available in 5 colours and retail for $70.00 sqm.

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Wood 161R Red

Wood 161W White

Wood 161A Almond