Wood Look Porcelain

For those who love to be surrounded by the warmth of wooden floors, the logical selection is Wood Look Porcelain. This concept is not new. In fact Wood Look Porcelain have been in production for many years now. Interestingly is the technological changes in recent years, that has enabled European producers to improve the standard of these Wood Look Porcelain tiles.


Wood Look Porcelain tiles are made with the most durable materials available to tile manufactures. The textures of natural timber floors are replicated to such a degree, that it is almost impossible to tell the difference between natural and porcelain timber.  The colours selected are natural and pleasing to the eye. Using all the natural tones found in timber, the range available will suit any home owner thinking about installing a timber floor.

Where are these made?

We pride ourselves on the quality of our Wood Look Porcelain tiles. All of our products of this range are made in Italy. Visit our page on our manufactures.

We have established a partnership with our two main Italian suppliers back in 1982. Since then, we have been retailing only the finest of Italian Porcelain.

Dakar 165A

The tile featured in this section is called the Dakar 156A and is available from our store for $44sqm. These Wood Look Porcelain tiles are perfect for Bedrooms and Studio Apartments. Other colours are available as a special request, which requires a lead time of 16 weeks.


Wood Look Porcelain has the main advantage of durability. While natural timber is easy to scratch, it also dents from impact. Porcelain on the other hand, is not affected by water and is not easily scratched. In fact, its almost impossible to scratch modern porcelain tiles. So now Wood Look Porcelain tiles can be installed in wet areas, like a bathroom or laundry and also for outdoor areas. Check out our other timber look products here.