To create the ultimate outdoor living space, it is good to be informed on what works and what doesn’t. There are local authority laws and regulations to consider. Materials should be appropriately selected which includes outdoor tiles, landscaping, perhaps appliances for an outdoor kitchen. Extending an outdoor space can be just as demanding as renovating the indoors. It’s a good idea to get as much help as possible when creating the perfect outdoor space.

stone-look floor tiles in a modern home

Uncovered vs Covered

When it comes to selecting your outdoor tile in Perth there are a few things to consider before you make your final selection. These include the surface finish of the tile and the substrate onto which the tiles are being installed. The tile surface finish is generally determined by its environment setting. Is the new floor tile in a Covered or Uncovered space?. Or think of it this way, is the floor prone to getting wet in the rain? If so, its uncovered to the weather.

The rule of thumb is to select outdoor tiles with a Ramp Rating of R11 for uncovered spaces. In settings where a roof cover protects the floor from the weather, select an outdoor tile with a Ramp Rating of R10. For example, spaces such as, covered balcony or alfrescos with a concrete floor would require a R10 outdoor tile that is 10mm thick. Around a pool space and garden path with a compacted sand base, and exposed to the weather will require a R11 outdoor tile that is 20mm thick. These can be installed on compacted cracker dust or concrete screeds. These tiles are commonly known as Non-Slip tiles. The surface of these Non-Slip tiles feel similar to a fine sand paper, and therefore do not require the same standards of cleaning as indoor tiles.

Paver tiles

Paver tiles are a very popular type of outdoor tiles in Perth. They are ideal for balconies and terraces in mulity level apartment buildings. These outdoor tiles require a structural base. The benefit is the ability to create a seamless level transition, from the internal floor to a balcony floor level, avoiding any step down.

To achieve this the installers place pedestals in a grid and place the paver tiles on top. The outdoor tiles are not grouted and float above the subfloor underneath. Rain water falls through the tile space to the subfloor underneath, then drains away. This system of outdoor tiles allows the structural subfloor to be maintained without having to damage tiles in gaining access.

Outdoor tile
Outdoor tile

The Quartz Grey outdoor tile is our stocked paver tile in Perth. It is a natural warm earthy grey. This 600×600 is 20mm thick and is often installed with quality Italian made pedestals. The pedestals vary in height and have adaptable tilt heads for sloping and uneven floors. The Quartz Grey outdoor tile has a R11 surface, which makes them suitable for uncovered spaces such as gardens, roof tops & sun decks and pool surrounds. Outdoor tiles do not require to be grouted. They play a similar function to concrete pavers but with the style of indoor tiles.

Most quality indoor tiles will have an outdoor version that provides a lovely seamless transition. However not all outdoor tiles are readily stocked in Perth. These outdoor tiles require a “special order” that comes with a 16 week lead time for shipping.

Paver tile

Outdoor Tiles In Stock

At Ceramics International you will find a lovely range of Outdoor tiles in Perth. Our ranges are of the highest quality and come with limited warranties against staining and come in R11 which is most suitable for uncovered spaces and public rooms that require a non-slip tiles. We also offer a professional installation service which is competitive and quality guaranteed. It makes sence when purchasing quality tiles, to engage a professional quality assured installer. We take care of all three stages of Selection + Product + Installation.

Visit our showroom and experience the difference at Ceramics International.

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