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Company Background

1969 was a big year for Beatrice D’Acunto. It was when she and her young family migrated from Italy to start a new life in this lucky country of Australia. With little resources, she quickly got to work, intending to build a better life for her and her family. What she achieved would improve the lives of countless families.

In 1982 she founded CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL with a vision to provide Australian families with beautiful ceramic tiles from her home country, that were simply not available at the time. She returned to Italy and sourced two of the finest ceramic manufacturing businesses in northern Italy, IMOLA and RAGNO.

With doggedness determination, she built her business from humble beginnings to create a beautiful showroom of wonderful ceramic tiles. In the years that followed, she remained true to her vision and now supplies tiles to a second and third generation of return customers and leading local builders such as Summit Homes, JWH Group, Aveling and many more.

Today Beatrice spends her spare time quenching her thirst for knowledge by studying Ancient History at the University of Western Australia. However, She can still be seen serving customers today, satisfying something that runs deep in her blood. She believes “if home is where the heart is, then treat your home well”.

Wood and marble kitchen

Mission Statement

  • To provide the highest quality porcelain tiles for all budgets, on time, anywhere.
  • Stand out from the crowd by seeking out innovative and creative design trends from local and overseas sources.
  • Stay Fresh.
  • Provide the highest level of customer service by being friendly unbiased and genuine, and educating our customers about new concepts and technologies.
  • Never stop learning and seeking to be better.

Our Team







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How to survive the selection process.

Selecting tiles can be a challenge. So we have developed some handy tips to help make life easy.

  • Set up a cloud-hosted folder to store all your information. Having a centralized place to work takes the stress from finding things. This can include your images, plans, storyboard, quotes, and invoices.
  • Dedicate some time for research. Knowledge is power!
  • Allow a minimum of four hours to select your tiles. This can be broken down into separate visits. It is also wise to sleep on your decision before committing.
  • Ask for samples of your tile choices. Keep in mind that actual shades may vary from samples issued.
  • Lastly, break down the selection into manageable meetings. Do one thing at a time, and focus on only one item. We will make sure it all comes together neatly.
Bathroom with wood-look tiles

“Building your first home?”

For all of you that are building your first home, you will find our showroom strategically designed to make life easy. Our ranges are logically designed with plenty of light and space to browse. Most importantly our experienced staff is helpful and friendly.