Imola bathroom tiles

Your bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house. It is therefore important to ensure it is not only functional for everyone who might use it, but also a comfortable, safe and aesthetically pleasing space where people can feel relaxed and at home.

New bathroom tiles play a huge part in the transformation of your bathroom into an inviting and practical space that’s comfortable for everyone to use.

Understanding the Basics of Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom tiles come in many different colours and profiles to suit any style or bathroom size. It’s your choice whether you want to create a bathroom with matching wall and floor tiles or whether you contrast them to add a touch of glamour or interest. However, there are also different types of tile and familiarising yourself with them will help you make the best decision both practically and aesthetically.

Ceramic Bathroom Tiles

The most common bathroom tiles are ceramic. Made from kiln-fired clay, ceramic is a material that works well for both wall and floor tiles. Ceramic tiles come in a wide selection of colours and patterns, are hard wearing, easy to clean and cost-efficient.

Porcelain Bathroom Tiles

Porcelain is another popular type of tile. They are also ceramic but produced to be more dense and highly water-resistant. They are also very suitable for areas like the bathroom. Porcelain tiles also come in a range of colours and sizes and, if rectified (where the sides of the tiles have been ground to be flat and clean with precise corners), can mimic the look of marble or wood.

Natural Stone Bathroom Tiles

Examples of natural stone tiles include marble, granite and slate. These tiles come at a higher price, but are worth it if you want to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom. However, it is worth noting that these materials require more general maintenance and can easily be stained or damaged by harsh chemical cleaners such as bathroom cleaning pastes/powders.

Selecting the Right Bathroom Floor Tiles

Before selecting your bathroom floor tiles, it’s crucial to review other practical elements so that you can make the right choice.

Your bathroom is likely to have water on the floor frequently, so it’s essential that you select a highly water-resistant, non-slip surface. Ceramic or porcelain tiles are ideal. Also, choosing a textured ceramic or porcelain tile not only adds to the feel of the tile underfoot, but also adds a non-slip element.

It’s also important to choose durable tiles that won’t crack or chip easily if you were to drop something on them. The surface also needs to be easy to clean, thus reducing the risk of mould developing due to the warm, wet bathroom environment.

Of course, the tile’s size, shape and colour are all factors that should complement the overall design of your bathroom. For a small bathroom, a medium to large sized tile with minimal grout (using a rectified tile) in a neutral or light colour is recommended. This makes your bathroom appear larger, whereas much larger or darker tiles might make it seem more enclosed. A traditional design might lend itself to a marble-look tile. This is reminiscent of a spa and is great for achieving a high-end, luxury feeling. On the other hand, a modern, minimalist bathroom presents well with a single block colour.  Finally, to add interest to any style of bathroom, consider a hexagonal or mosaic tile.

Before making a final decision, test a few samples of your chosen tiles at home. Note how they look in different lighting and if they complement the bathroom cabinetry and fixtures.

Choosing Wall Tiles for Your Bathroom

Bathroom wall tiles are an excellent way to boost the room’s aesthetic whilst protecting the walls from moisture. Like floor tiles, they are also easy to clean and can be installed in many patterns to boost design interest.

If you prefer the look of dark coloured floor tiles, then choosing a lighter coloured wall tile with matching light-coloured grout will open up the space.

For a modern, continuous look, such as in an open-shower bathroom, select a wall tile that’s the same size, colour and shape as the floor tiles. Minimal width grout is also key here.

For a more traditional bathroom, use wall tiles that are large enough to make your space feel bigger, whilst being smaller than the floor tiles. This again adds to the illusion of having more space. 

The Benefits of Ceramic Tiles for Your Bathroom

Ceramic tiles are the most popular tiles for bathroom wall designs and are also a great option for bathroom floors. They come with a host of fantastic advantages:


Ceramic tiles are strong and not prone to cracking or chipping if household items are dropped upon them. This makes them a great option for longevity.

Easy to install

Ceramic tiles aren’t brittle, so they’re easier to cut and shape into awkward corners than other tile materials are.


The surface of the tile isn’t readily affected by moisture, meaning they won’t wear down and become more uneven or slippery over time.

Easy to clean

The sealed, wipe-clean surface of ceramic tiles makes them easy to keep clean and sanitise – vital in a bathroom!


Ceramic tiles are durable and a cheaper alternative to porcelain or marble. This means that they are a cost-effective option, especially in larger bathrooms.

All in all, ceramic tiles are a durable and cost-efficient way to tile your bathroom walls and floors. They are easy to keep clean and come in an abundance of sizes, colours and profiles to suit most bathroom designs.

Where to Find the Best Bathroom Tiles

To get a feel for your new bathroom decor, it’s a great idea to visit a bathroom tiles showroom. You’ll be able to explore new possibilities, match together tile combinations and see the tiles in bathroom settings. This will give you a better idea of the types of schemes that work well together. Also a showroom assistant will be able to suggest tile combinations that will work with your bathroom size, shape and overall design.

Create Your Dream Bathroom with Ceramics International

Selecting the right bathroom tiles is an important task to ensure your bathroom looks amazing and is a comfortable and relaxing environment for everyone who uses it. It’s also essential to consider the practical elements of bathroom tiles. Are they easy to clean, durable, slip-resistant and within budget?

Because your bathroom is one of the most used and important rooms in your home, you will want to get your choices right.  So, for assistance in finding the perfect bathroom tiles to create your dream bathroom, contact or visit Ceramics International today.