The Italian city of Imola was founded in 82BC and was regarded as the gateway to the commercial and agricultural center of the region. It is located on the northern fertile plains of Italy and is steeped in a rich and colourful history, contested over many centuries and passing from one authority to another. In 1426 the city was restored to the Holy See, but this did not witness an end to hostility. In 1797 the French revolutionary forces established a provisional ruling Government at Imola. More recently, Imola is well known for its Formula One racing circuit and is one of few where the cars race in an anti-clockwise direction. Imola is also known for its historic ceramic production.

imola floor tiles

This history is the reason why Imola tiles is not just a brand. It’s a philosophy. It stands like a beacon, a symbol of creativity, style, and function. Imola Tiles transcends the declaration “Made In Italy”. Year after year the consumer is captivated by the genius of Imola Tiles. Each new season brings an expectation of surprise, and it never fails.

To build on its creative suite of Italian tiles, Imola engages talented artists who travel the globe, looking for inspiration. These artists have the ability to see beauty in the most unusual places. Like a geologist sees life in a stone, Imola’s artists can extract beauty from everyday and sometimes mundane objects. The beauty of Imola Tiles lay on the foundations of the artist.

Today, as it was in the beginning, the Company is based in Imola. It was incorporated as a cooperative on June 22nd in 1874. Its founding members worked together with a shared common goal, to create a better world and a place where people shift from a profit focus to a more inclusive sharing economy for the benefit of its community.

It now has 3 production plants on a total of 1,000,000 sqm. Showrooms cover 3,000 sqm of wonderfully transformed architectural spaces. It even has a museum to help celebrate its heritage.

Tiles made in Imola are no ordinary tiles. The team members of this delightful Cooperative of Imola give new meaning to Tiles, they say and believe you should enjoy your life…enjoy your tiles.