Carrara White satin 600x600 is a marble look porcelain floor tile

If you intend to sell your home, it’s natural to put every ounce of effort into getting the highest return. Redecoration immediately comes to mind: sometimes all that’s needed is a lick of paint or an upgraded light fitting. But have you thought about tiling? It’s surprising how effective new ceramic tiles can be in giving your home a brand-new look.

Enhancing Curb Appeal with Tile

Although usually in wet areas like kitchens or bathrooms, high-quality tiles can be incorporated into any room with a little imagination.

Influence the curb appeal of your property immediately by installing modern paver tiles to your driveway or patio. A smooth, large-profile tiled driveway emphasises space and seems open and welcoming.

Tiles give a fresh, new look and present an easy-clean finish that new buyers seek.  Consider using ceramic tiles to tile the pathway to your door or to refresh your front porch.

Boosting Kitchens and Bathrooms with Tiles

When you’re selling your home, the two most essential rooms are the kitchen and the bathroom. However, redoing a kitchen or bathroom seems a lot more effort to your prospective buyer, so you’ll set yourself in good stead if both rooms are tiled immaculately for the next resident.

Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom floor tiles are one of the most important things to get right. They need to be safe and comfortable to walk on with bare or wet feet, whilst complementing the overall decor. 

Ceramic tiles are a favoured bathroom floor tile type. Hardwearing and easy to clean, they come in a large range of colours and patterns, and are very economical when covering large areas.

Porcelain and marble tiles are very popular choices also. An offshoot of ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are made of a denser clay and fired at a higher temperature, making them less porous and more resistant to wear. A perfect choice for a bathroom.

Beautiful, natural, marble tiles, in particular, promote that added luxury appeal. They are more expensive, so for the same classic appearance, consider large format porcelain slabs in a marble look.

Kitchen Tiles

Your kitchen is your chance to make an amazing first impression because It is usually the first room that a buyer will really consider.

Installing attractive kitchen floor, wall and splashback tiles allows an added element of practicality. This is the room where people naturally gather so there are bound to be spillages, splatters and … pets!  Having tiles in a family kitchen is a selling point due to their waterproof, splashproof and durable qualities. Opt for light, neutral-coloured tiles to create a spacious feel or patterned tiles for a trendy look.

Incorporating Contemporary Tiles for Modern Buyers

Classic ceramic tiles can add a little old-fashioned glamour to any home. However, as times change, you’ll need to make sure that your old tile designs reflect what prospective home buyers want to see.  In 2024, it’s all about minimalist designs and colourful geometric patterns for tiles in Perth. Don’t stick to the traditional squares. Buyers this year want to see herringbone patterns or honeycomb layouts.  

Remember – a unique design is memorable!  Your buyers might remember your home based on the stylish use of modern tiles in your home.

Using Tiles to Create a Larger Perception

One of the most important things for your prospective buyer might be space. They want each room to be as large as possible, especially if they are a family. 

Tiles are a fabulous way to visually enhance the size of the room without actually altering its size. 

A couple of quick tips to make your rooms look bigger using tiles are:

1. Light & Large 

For bathroom and kitchen tiles, use a light-coloured, large tile. The appearance of the floor determines the perception of the room size. Large tiles imply that the room is bigger and light colours reflect the sunlight to make the room appear larger. 

2. Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles can make certain areas seem smaller but are great for accentuating a feature wall. Apply striking patterns on your kitchen splashback or behind the toilet or sink, to draw attention to those areas and create a sense of spaciousness in the room.

3. Coloured Grout

Contrasting grout is one way to draw the eye. If you have dark tiles, white grout can split up the darker area, making the space seem much larger. However, if you have light-coloured wall tiles, then dark grout will help you bring that plain design to life and highlight the varying patterns that you’ve created.

Upgrading Floors with High-Quality Tile Materials

Wood look tiles are an amazing asset to any room, providing a smooth and easily maintainable surface at an affordable price. Ceramic or porcelain wood-look tiles don’t warp or become sun-bleached like actual wood and they’re easy to mop clean, providing a beautiful, homely appearance. Quality tiles provide a very authentic wooden look complete with all the knots and grains you see in real wood, without the risk of deterioration and so adding a little extra value to your home.

Allocating Budget for High-ROI Tile Upgrades

When you’re selling your home, any upgrades need to be completed on a budget. You don’t want to spend money that eats into your profit.

Focus on the areas of your home that have the highest impact. High-traffic areas that capture buyers’ attention include your kitchen, bathroom and living area. 

Consider the most aesthetically pleasing and affordable tile solutions and remember to factor in installation costs. Appearance may capture the eye, but it’s functionality that convinces people to buy. Plan your budget for renovations and allocate 15-20% to tiling your floors and walls.  These functional touches will tick the buyer’s boxes, as they think of all the time and money you’ve saved them.

Showcasing Tile Upgrades in Home Listings

When selling your home, high-quality photos in the listings are a must and should grab the attention of buyers immediately. Ensure that photos focus on clean and tidy areas that showcase your newly-tiled areas such as the kitchen, bathroom and outdoor patio. 

Using a high-quality tile will help you mimic more expensive materials making your photos look fabulous without the extra cost.

Boosting Your Home’s Value with Tiles in Perth

So don’t go for the big renovation – add some high-quality tiles to give your space a new look instead and boost your home’s value in no time.  Compared to a renovation, installing fresh and modern tiling in key areas is much less expensive and promotes a stylish, clean and easy-to-maintain appearance.

Contact Ceramics International today for stunning and affordable tiles for your home here in Perth. Invest in your home makeover today!