Large Porcelain Tiles Perth

We are stockists of Ragno’s Large Format Porcelain slabs. Available in two colours, Statuario and Calacatta, produced in one size 1200mm x 2400mm. These porcelain slabs are 6.5mm thick, making them very flexible, and easy to handle and cut. Each slab weighs in at 38kg and are transported flat in larger timber crates.

large porcelain slabs kitchen

Where are porcelain slab tiles used?

Due to their size, these porcelain slabs are nearly always used on vertical surfaces, such as bathroom walls, kitchen splashbacks, and signature walls in entries. Slabs can also be cut down to create bathroom vanity tops, adding a luxurious element to the room. By joining two slabs together, these marble designs can make wonderful bar tops with waterfall sides. One of our creative customers designed a wall unit featuring the use of our porcelain slabs with
an amazing result.

Perth Design Trends in Porcelain Slabs

A recent design trend with home renovators that is taking off on social media is the design and construction of stunning TV Wall Units featuring the porcelain slab. The principle design begins with a long floating 500mm cabinet which is minimally appointed and lit with LED lighting to the underside. Then a single sheet of porcelain slab in the marble finish is installed horizontally (long) above the cabinet that also floats on the wall above. The porcelain slab is mounted on a frame, which allows LED backing lighting which adds drama to the featured slab. To the center of the slab, a cut-out is made for the TV wiring and finally the TV.

tv wall unit porcelain slab

Bed Heads can also be built with porcelain slabs of elegant marble. This provides a clean hygienic surface. In fact, most furniture components can literally be built with porcelain slabs, including low dividing walls. Porcelain slabs can even replace some kitchen utensils such as cheeseboards and platters.

The use of porcelain slabs is only limited by the human imagination. Where ever there is a need for function and style large porcelain slabs can meet the requirement. Porcelain slabs in Perth are often used on fireplaces, adorned with two nordic chairs, offering a modern minimal look. A place to call home.

large porcelain slabs wall unit

Made tough to last.

Our porcelain slabs are 6.5mm in thickness. Italian porcelain is made with the highest level of technology. This means it can be installed on floors and walls and will meet the test of time. Handling these slabs requires two people and 4 special purpose suction caps, two suction caps per person. Making sure the slab is clean the caps are placed about 60cm apart at the short side of the slab, 2 caps on each slab end. The slab is gently lifted up and transported by holding it vertically, not horizontally as this places a lot of bend stress on the slab. Another blog article will be published to highlight the best ways to cut and install large
porcelain slabs.

Three Colours

We currently carry in stock three colours in large porcelain slabs.

1. Statuario – Matt. Size: 1200mm x 2400mm 2. Calacatta – Matt. Size: 1200mm x 2400mm 3. Bronze Illusion Black – Glossy. Size 1200mm x 2600mm Prices for these slabs begin at $500 per slab (subject to change – check online shop for the most competitive price in Perth). The Bronze Illusion Black Glossy costs $700 per slab. We offer bulk discounts of 10 slabs or more. Ragno produces a large number of styles, and we are able to do a special order for quantities of 10 slabs or more. The lead time for special non-stocked slabs is currently 16 weeks from the point of sale. Porcelain Slabs are easily delivered (horizontally) in large timber crates. Due to the size and weight of a crate, the delivery is limited to the front of the home or on the front verge.

maiora large porcelain slab

Visit our online store or visit our showroom to view these marvelous tiles. Porcelain slabs are growing in popularity due to their beauty, function, and style. They have a multitude of applications and if you enjoy the simple elegance of marble, you will love these tiles.