Dune Ceramics Means Decoration!

Dune Ceramics produces a spectacular range of mosaics and feature tiles. Most mosaics sheets are available as a 300 x 300 mm sheet and can be inter-locked. Install mosaics with off white wall adhesive for best results. Stocks are available from Ceramics International, or the Dune store in Sydney and can be shipped within 10 days.

Kitchens are one of the most important rooms in the home. When designing your kitchen, functionality and style must be a considered. With our extensive range of Dune Ceramics products, we are able to provide the right finishing touch to your kitchen splash back.

For the first time, Dune Ceramics proudly exhibited at the Borneo HI DESIGN ASIA exhibition. They love design. This is why they are showing their 2015 Trends book, with the new style and colour trends – See more at: SHAPES.

Dune Ceramics : The Company

The business model of DUNE CERAMICS is based on community providing decorative solutions, that make up integrated spaces adapted to local demands and around the world.

Visit the Dune Ceramics website for more information on product ranges and services.

At Ceramics International, we are very proud of our association with Dune Ceramics. We began distributing Dune products since 2010. Today we carry a number of beautiful tiles in stock. If you need something specially ordered, we can have tile delivered with a 2 week lead time.

Dune Ceramics in 2020

2019 Cersaie Italy saw the introduction of elegant lantern and diamond mosaics. Back and Gold with leaf reliefs. They have introduced new lines of 150×150, 200×200 formats. SMALL TILES with elegance.

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Arte, Nostalgy, Andy, Duende, Glass, Aston Brick, Arte, Maiolica, Metallic Mosaic, Tandem

300×300, 750×250, 280×280 mm