Kitchen Tiles Perth

Kitchen Splashback Tiles

Tiles are making a strong comeback as a suitable option for kitchen splashback. However, making the right selection is like navigating a minefield. There are often many elements to consider when selecting your splashback tiles. The kitchen cupboards must come into play, during the selection process. The key here, is to decide which surface is the hero – the kitchen countertop or the wall tiles? What you want to avoid is having the two components compete for the hero position.

Kitchen Tiles Styles

When making your selection for kitchen tiles, keep in the mind the overall style of the kitchen. In addition, looking at certain colour themes will ensure a harmonious-looking kitchen design.

Choose colours that are either similar tones to your benchtop for a more consistent look, or colours that are complementary or contrasting if you want to add interest. This light-coloured tiled splashback is a nice contrast to the darker benchtop, however by choosing similar tones, the look is tied together.

Splash Tiles Layouts, Patterns and Textures

If you prefer a subtle look, the traditional subway tiles are your best bet. You can also introduce added interest by incorporating textured subway tiles or using a different laying pattern like herringbone.
You can also consider decorative splashback tiles such as mosaic tiles.

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