Premium Timber-look Floor Tiles in Perth

There is growing popularity of timber-look floor tiles. They come in many different sizes, 1200 x 200 to 900 x 150. Prices vary from size to size. KUNI is our latest timber-look tile.


Kuni’s appeal lies in its realism. Full of textures and knots, KUNI sits proud as a timber floor. Like our 3Wood, KUNI is one of our finest timber look floor tile.

For some inspiration on this range of KUNI watch our video creation.

On sale for $70sqm. We stock the 1200 x 200, but can order in any other size.

View Imola Production of KUNI.

The Benefits of Timber-look Tiles

Stronger and more scratch-resistant

Compared with real timber, faux timber tiles are inherently stronger and can be used to tile any part of the house, whether it is indoors or outdoors. You also benefit from a significant reduction in cost and time required to maintain the floors.

More resistant to colour change or fade

Timber-look tiles will not change colour or fade as a result of exposure to the sun. They are a more versatile option when it comes to matching and blending the look of your indoor and outdoor flooring.

More sustainable for the environment

Since faux wood floor tiles are not made of wood, they are a more sustainable option when it comes to less need to cut trees and clear forests.

1200 x 200