Wood Look Floor Tiles

Woodmania by Ragno Ceramica is the latest wood look floor tiles, recently released at the 2016 CERSAIE trade fair. Once again Ragno have produced yet another line of functional floor tile.


“Woodmania blends the nobility of wood with a decided openness to the latest design trends. Vein patterns, soft hues and a large degree of shade variation feature in a product that has its roots in a natural language rich in history, but catches the eye with its unmistakable contemporary touch.”  Courtesy Ragno.

Woodmania wood look floor tiles is available in one size: 1200 x 200mm. It is produced as a non-rectified tile, making it affordable next to its peers. Woodmania exhibits noticeable open veins, giving this tile a slight distressed appeal.

Soon to be introduced into our showroom (December 2016). It will sit side by side with our very popular Woodpassion and Woodcomfort range. The new Woodmania is a little dearer, however the main point of difference is the size of this range.

Woodmania comes in five colours. We will be stocking all colours by the beginning of 2017, and will sell for a low $59sqm. This is a great opportunity to obtain large wood look floor tiles for your home or office. These tiles can also be used outside, by using the non-slip version.

We are so excited about this new release.

Living room with timber-look floor tiles


Woodstory is our newest line of affordable wood look floor tiles. This particular range replaced our Woodcomfort range, in size and price point. At only $44sqm, these are perfect for smaller rooms, such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

Size: 900x150mm

Colours: Five modern wood representations.

The Woodstory will be fully available in early 2019. Get your order in early to avoid time delays. This range is non-rectified, so it offers a soft edged finish, and enhances the timber grain.

Wood-style floor tiles in living room


Otherwise called “Wood-Zone”, this is highly technical of all the wood look floor tiles. This range is made to 1800x200mm and is rectified. The colours are blended to appeal to those looking for a sophistication. It is a very elegant series. It simulates dressed timber. Wood-Zone is for people looking for a blend of formal and warmth. The price point of this series is at our top end of $80sqm. Of course all our wood look floor tiles are only MADE IN ITALY.

Bedroom with wood-look tiles
AM WZON 3.tif

Ash, Caramel, Honey, Ivory & Musk

1200 x 200 mm