Creating a stylish bathroom design is one of the best home investments you can make. With frequent use from guests as well as all residents, having a comfortable, long-lasting design for your bathroom through quality tiles is a must.

Due to the amount of steam and water in a bathroom, and the regular deep cleaning needed, durable bathroom tiles are the absolute best design choice for walls and floors. It’s imperative to opt for tiles with a fantastic balance of practical and aesthetic properties.

What are the most common types of tiles?

When considering the different types of tiles available for your bathroom, be it a new build or a renovation, there are key factors to consider. Practical necessity comes first, as opting for a tile unable to withstand wear and tear is simply a waste of money.
Visual elements come next, with the colour, texture and style of your bathroom tiles Perth has an important decision to continue the cohesive architectural and interior design style of your home. Here are six of the most popular forms of tiles recommended for creating your dream bathroom!

Ceramic tiles 

Available in a range of finishes, textures, and styles, ceramic tiles create a comfortable atmosphere, with low maintenance requirements. Both durable and cost-effective, they don’t absorb water if glazed, like the Italian Imola Ceramica line, and are difficult to break.

Porcelain tiles

Known as the tougher older sibling of ceramic, porcelain is highly non-absorbent, resistant to scratches and stains, and highly durable. Created at high temperatures to form harder tiles than ceramic, the stunning colour options make them a tempting choice, such as the porcelain stoneware from X-ROCK by Imola

Stone/marble tiles

The classic, sophisticated look of stone and marble tiles has made them a popular choice, and one look at the chic marble Mixture range by Imola Ceramica will show you why. Typically created from slate, marble, or limestone, natural tiles have an incredibly stylish texture and finish, but tend to require more regular upkeep than glazed tiles. 

Granite tiles

An amazingly versatile material, thanks to its natural resistance to moisture absorbance and lasting stains, granite is a great choice for natural interior design styles with a rustic edge. The upscale look and durable nature of granite tiles make them a popular yet pricey option. 

Glass tiles

The stunning, reflective look of glass tiles makes them a popular option for bathroom tiles Perth, thanks in part to their adaptability for various interior design styles. Once properly textured, they shouldn’t present a slipping hazard and are resistant to mould and stains. However, they do require careful installation due to their ability to scratch, making more affordable gloss-look tiles a safer investment for some. 

Slate tiles

The unique durability and natural look of slate tiles outweigh the cold texture, and expensive price tag, for many people. As long as they are sealed regularly and provided with proper upkeep, they can last a long time while exuding organic textures and rich tones that complement any design style.

Find premium bathroom tiles in Perth

With a vast range of beautiful bathroom tiles Osborne Park, Ceramics International is known for offering stunning types of tiles in many materials, colours, textures, and finishes, at great prices. For more information on our unique range of Italian ceramics tiles from Imola Ceramica, or for any queries around bathroom tiles Perth, please get in touch today