Ragno describes itself as the historic protagonist of the growth and success of ceramic production in Europe and the globe. It was founded in 1949 in Northern Italy and has quickly grown to be a major player in the production of ceramic wall tiles. In the 60s and 70s its manufacturing line went on to include the production of glazed floor tiles and began exporting to the global market.

In 2013 the brand was strategically acquired by one of the world’s largest flooring businesses, listed on the New York Stock Exchange, it now has sales in over 170 countries with turnover in excess of 10 billion dollars and has production plants in 18 countries. 

contrasti decorative tiles

With the financial backing that only public markets can offer, Ragno has expanded and improved its product innovation and now offers tiles to the discerning end of the market. Its ability to produce extremely technical products is unmatched by overseas competitors such as China.

Today Ragno’s focus is on People and their Home design. At their annual new product launch, exhibits sit within a stunning home setting. Visitors move from room to room drawing inspiration not only from the new tiles, but also from the home design, colours, and interiors. The living room showcases the latest in porcelain floor tiles. Wood-look floor tiles and leafy plants create a moody atmosphere in the library. The bathroom is where most innovation occurs. Ragno brings a unique style to this room with new colours in bathroom floor tiles. Bathroom wall tiles are expressed with new functionality.