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Ceramics International still has a massive range of bathroom, floor and outdoor tiles available in Perth

You might have heard about the supply chain issues affecting Australia’s construction industry.

COVID-19 is disrupting global shipping lines, meaning a lot of local suppliers are experiencing delays on materials coming from overseas.

Closer to home, a string of floods, fires and border closures delayed trucks and trains earlier in the year, with the hangover expected to last well into late 2022.

But not Ceramics International.

Our Perth tile warehouse has plenty of stock thanks to some proactive planning and a fast response early in the pandemic.

So if you’re looking to renovate or refresh your home, check out our latest ranges of bathroom tiles, ceramic floor tiles and outdoor tiles. You can rest assured that we have everything you need to reimagine your space with high-quality tiles.

We have all the indoor floor tile trends in stock

In the last 12 months, we’ve seen three different floor tile styles emerge as trends: wood look, the classics and funky patterns.

  1. Woodmania

Wood is well and truly a trend in Perth tiles. And we’ve got plenty of wood-look floor tiles in stock.

Our range includes the appropriately named “Woodmania”, a light, natural-looking floor tile that looks great in living rooms, offices and hallways. We also have “Woodstory”, a modern take on European parquet flooring.

  • Marble and ceramic floor tiles

Marble floor tiles will probably never go out of fashion in living rooms and outdoor areas.

But recently, marbling has become a popular choice in many ceramic tile designs. For Perth renovators looking for an elegant wall and floor tile pairing, marbling adds elegance and subtle texture to any space.

  • Eye-popping patterned tiles

Modern floor tiles are getting more creative every season. Some of the most interesting decorative ceramic tiles feature bold designs and intricate details that pair perfectly with a monochrome partner.

Beautiful bathroom tiles

COVID lockdowns sparked a trend of DIY renovations in Perth. Our bathroom tiles were hot commodities as other Perth tile stores struggled to fill their storerooms.

Some of the most popular bathroom tiles trends we saw were:

  • Subway tiles

Subway tiles are a bathroom tile stalwart. But they’ve had a renaissance recently as renovators get creative with patterns, colours and arrangements to create stunningly modern feature walls.

  • Large ceramic tiles

Moving to the minimalist end of the bathroom tile spectrum, ceramic tiles became popular with Perth homeowners seeking to create calming indoor spaces.

Large concrete-look ceramic floor tiles are intriguingly textured up close and create a light, polished look in contemporary bathrooms.

  • Textured bathroom tiles

Textured tiles are emerging as an interior design trend.

For example, using textured tiles in the bathroom is a clever way to break up monochrome spaces without overcrowding the design.

Where to find the perfect floor tiles, bathroom tiles or outdoor tiles

If you are fed up with freight delays or skyrocketing shipping costs, visit Ceramics International to find the perfect tiles for your renovation project.

We planned ahead and acted quickly to ensure you can still find Perth’s best range of tiles in stock online and in our Osborne Park showroom.

And unlike other suppliers, we aren’t hiking up costs.

Discover your favourite tiles at Ceramics International, the home of distinctive tiles in Perth.