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Anyone keeping up with current interior design trends will have noticed the prominence of modern concrete look tiles in Perth. These beautifully polished floor coverings have increased in popularity in recent years, with homeowners and builders alike, thanks to their chic rustic look, and polished surface that serves to lighten any room they’re in.

Apart from the obvious aesthetic reasons for choosing quality concrete tiles, why are so many talented interior designers opting for stone look tiles Perth? Read on to discover the many practical reasons to opt for polished concrete over traditional ceramic styles.

What are concrete look tiles?

Emulating the attractive visual appeal of real concrete flooring, tiles with a concrete look are a polished version of quality porcelain tiles. Using the magic of modern technology, inkjet printing is used to create a stunning concrete look with all the advantages of strong porcelain tiling. 

There is fantastic versatility for concrete look tiles – bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, and much more – making them a practical choice for renovations or new builds. Given the fiscal importance of investing in the right flooring – no one wants to replace their tiles soon after renovating a space – it’s worth researching the benefits of premium concrete floor tiles.

What are the benefits of stone look tiles in Perth?

Making the right decision about flooring is a huge piece of creating a stylish, welcoming home. Attractive concrete look tiles Perth are not just an aesthetically pleasing choice, they bring along many additional benefits that make them a smart alternative to cold stone floors.


Polished concrete tiles can produce many different looks, with varying colours and finishes available to suit a wide range of interior design approaches. From subtle matt looks and contemporary patterned styles, this visual versatility makes them a great choice for multiple high traffic rooms; consider concrete look tiles for bathroom, laundry, kitchen, lounge rooms, and hallways.


The real beauty of concrete look tiling is their low maintenance requirements – a dream for any busy homeowner! Classic concrete tiles need to be resealed every year due to their porous nature, but sealed concrete look porcelain will hold its own for years to come. The glazed surface is easy to clean, and impervious to staining from dirt, dust, and cleaning chemicals.


A quick online search will tell you just how much polished concrete floor tiles cost for an entire home, and you might be surprised! The complicated process it takes to create them results in a hefty price tag, but concrete look tiles provide the same look at a fraction of the budget.

Premium concrete look tiles Perth

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