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The beauty of tiles is their dual contribution of practical functionality and aesthetic appeal to any home. Any designer worth their salt knows premium tiles Perth are a staple of interior design trends, with their unique ability to subtly insert colour, texture, and patterns into a space.

Quality tiles have always been in style, with traditional finishes and handmade formats lasting generations, like porcelain and ceramic tiles Perth. This enduring appeal means contemporary trends are finding inspiration from classic styles and applying a modern twist.

The right tile can transform a room, so which top styles can we expect in 2022, and how to best incorporate them into your conception.

Tactile tiled textures

Traditional finishes have an enduring appeal, making textured materials like classic brick and porcelain tiles Perth a key focus of 2022 interior design trends. A natural, elegant aesthetic is in style, thanks to a return to comfortable living, and nothing creates a welcoming space like tactile textures complimented by sleek surroundings.

The warm feel a textured tile brings into a home is incomparable. Whether you decide to insert a tactile wall of bathroom tiles Perth, or decide a rough, earthy look works well for your new outdoor tiles Perth, you’ll be amazed at the homely difference detailed texture can bring.

Handmade tiles

Handmade styles have become a central focus of winter inspiration for interiors this year. Favoured by design experts for generations, thanks to their unique beauty and quality finishes, handmade tiles Perth have an unbeatable classic look that works for backsplashes to floor tiles Perth.

Each tile is slightly different to its neighbour makes for a stunning organic look, that’s a perfect match for the current trend of natural tones and eco-friendly materials. The subtle texture of handmade subway tiles Perth brings a timeless finish with impressive durability, perfect for original bathroom tiles Perth.

3D designs

The beauty of quality porcelain tiles Perth is unmistakable, especially when designed with a stunning 3D effect perfect for a feature wall or section within a well-designed space. The eye-

catching texture of tiles with three-dimensional patterns adds a unique style to any contemporary space,

Typically made from porcelain – a sleek, durable material – 3D designs work beautifully as a splashback in a kitchen, bathroom, or laundry. This ongoing trend can be used for any vertical application, from a bedroom feature wall to accent outdoor tiles Perth.

Heritage and retro tile patterns

The embrace of classic style continues to dominate style trends this year, with warm retro designs and homely heritage patterns becoming increasingly popular. Quality made ceramic tiles Perth with stunning colour schemes are a sure-fire way to liven up any living space, and chic patterns bring subtle flair and intrigue without overwhelming the room.

Look for artisan square and subway tiles Perth that put a contemporary twist on classic designs, utilising chic historical inspirations with on-trend colour combinations. This New Heritage approach is guaranteed to bring quality craftsmanship with a timeless look.

On-trend tiles in Perth with Ceramics International

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Browse our extensive selection of premium indoor and outdoor tiles online today, or get in touch to discuss accessing this year’s latest trends – from handmade designs to stunning marble floor tiles Perth.