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How to choose outdoor swimming pool tiles.

Choosing suitable swimming pool tiles to line the inside of your pool is a big decision. There are many considerations including material, colour, and functionality. The vast majority of concrete pools in Perth are lined with Mosaic tiles, closely followed by Porcelain Tiles. Mosaics provide an effective way to adapt to curved surfaces, which are inherent with most pools, while porcelain swimming pool tiles are perfect for modern rectangular pools.

The benefit of glass mosaic pool tiles

Let’s begin by comparing the hardness of glass against other materials. Porcelain tile has a unit of 7 while glass is 5.5 making porcelain harder than glass. However, the translucent properties of glass can be more desirable than porcelain when used as swimming pool tiles. Glass can also be made to glow in the dark. This technology is called “Luminis”. Randomly placed Luminis chips brings the pool to life after sunset.

Pool mosaic
Pool mosaic tiles

Insist on POOL-SAFE mosaics

Each square piece of glass is called a “Chip”. The best mosaics are the type where the chips are mounted using the dot system, not the typical mesh mount. The reason? There are two reasons. Firstly the adhesive used to adhere the mesh to the chips can break down and create a film between the adhesive used to install the sheets and the mesh keeping the
chips together. Insist on “Pool Safe mosaics” that use the dot system. These swimming pool tiles are guaranteed not to fail.

Is porcelain also suitable?

Porcelain tiles are also suitable as swimming pool tiles. They have the added benefit of offering a continuous surface in and out of the pool providing a resort-style finish. This works well when there are no curved walls. Tiles will require a non-slip rating of R13 to minimize the risk of injury. These outdoor swimming pool tiles can then be carried through to the inside of the home but in a smooth finish.

porcelain tiles swimming pool

Need advice?

For more information or advice on selecting swimming pool tiles in Perth please feel free to contact our friendly team at Ceramics International. Check out our News post about swimming pool tiles and how to install mosaics correctly.