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What are Paver Tiles?

Paver tiles are generally glazed porcelain tiles with a non-slip surface. The distinguishing point of difference is the thickness of these paver tiles. While many porcelain tiles are 10mm thick, paver tiles in Perth are all 20mm. Most paver tiles installed are square 600x600mm in size. This is because any larger they become very heavy due to their thickness. Larger tiles will require two people to lift them, making them more expensive to install.

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All paver tiles in Perth have a non-slip rating of R11 or higher. To the touch, these outdoor paver tiles feel like very fine sandpaper. That’s because paver tiles are essential to be used outside in the garden, around pathways and swimming pool surrounds, and of course balconies. Any environment that is exposed to the rain, requires a level of grip. This is where you will find the use of Paver tiles in Perth. Some surfaces have higher grip finishes, making them harder to clean than others. This is why many paver tiles in Perth are mid to dark grey, as they hide dirt residues. Keep in mind these tiles clean very easily with a high-pressure cleaner.

surface tiling in progress


Paver tiles have many practical applications. Primarily they are outdoor tiles. So they are most suitable for outdoor, Alfresco rooms, around pool surrounds, balconies and garden pathways. They look great when set in the lawn to create a stepping stone effect. However, they also have other applications that provide smart solutions. These include temporary flooring for marquees, raised platforms, and practical pathways over uneven ground. They are also useful for wall cappings and special ramps.

A creative, raised platform application of outdoor pavers

Paver tile laying in progress

Pavers Installation Perth

Installing outdoor paver tiles in Perth is very easy and does not require a lot of experience. Similar to installing stone pavers, these paver tiles are no different. The only tool required is an angle grinder for cutting and shaping.
Paver tiles are installed using one of two methods:
1. Pedestal system
2. Cracker dust on the ground.

Pedestals are highly structural components designed to lift the tile off the floor while being anchored to the base level. They offer 5% tilt, which is useful where the sub-floor is sloping and the tile requires to be level. These pedestals are available at a variety of heights.
Craker Dust is the most common method of installation of paver tiles in Perth. Once compacted the cracker dust provides a hard base for the dry laying of the tile. A minimum 2mm space between tiles is recommended. Laying a sheet of poly plastic sheeting under the cracker dust will keep the weeds and ants at bay.

What are benefits of Paver Tiles?

The biggest benefit is that these outdoor tiles can be easily replaced or removed as they are not glued into place. The installation is extremely easy. When the paver tiles are on pedestals it allows for cables and pipes to run underneath which can be accessed at any time by lifting the tiles. These tiles are non-slip and more durable than traditional “stone” pavers. They have low porosity and do not stain, unlike stone pavers.

The only limitation is that they are only available in a small range of colours.

Paver tile

Azuma by IMOLA

At Ceramics International you will find two core colours of paver tiles, light grey, and black. Both colours are 600 x 600 x 20mm thick. Call us today and speak with our friendly team. We will be happy to provide a quote and offer professional advice.

tiling in progress

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