Add dynamic style to your home with the right tile choice

Shopping for tiles is supposed to be thrilling. It’s supposed to fill you with excitement when you think of what your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, foyer or doorway will look like after installation. However, being spoiled for choice is not necessarily a good thing and it can frustrate even the most seasoned interior designer.

The tiles in your bathroom may not work in the kitchen, and the ones you selected for outside your front door may only work well in the entertainment area. So, what do you do? You sit down, put your feet up and read these tips before pulling your hair out.

Plan ahead

Save yourself the trouble and frustration when installing tiles by purchasing 10% more than you need. Some of the tiles may break, it’s just one of those things that happen and this will allow you to compensate for broken and chipped ones. Get extra grouting, and ensure that you get enough of the

tiles you want. The last thing you need is to run out of tiles and find that they have been discontinued while you left your tiles to sit in your garage for a few months.

Bathrooms vs kitchens

Smaller bathrooms and kitchens look bigger with large tiles, and more cluttered with small tiles; large bathrooms look brilliant with large tiles interspersed with smaller feature tiles. Additionally, larger tiles call for less grouting, which can become something of an irritation when you’re dealing with moisture absorption. Consider larger porcelain tiles with a non-slip texture that require minimal grouting. That way you’re playing it safe without sacrificing on style.

Many people prefer the sleek look and feel of smooth porcelain thanks to the contemporary element it injects into any traditional setting. However, when you’re dealing with wet feet, the tile specialists will caution you against putting polished stone in a shower due to it being a safety hazard. Prevent slipping by using a tile with a slightly rougher texture.

The kitchen, like the bathroom tiles, must handle moisture. Glazed and porcelain tiles are considered the better option for kitchen and bathroom countertops because they are created with a denser material and designed for wet conditions. With a 0.5% absorption rate, they are extremely durable and hardy.

Texture & colour

The idea of texture, particularly trending texture, may frighten any décor enthusiast simply because of the fear of it being outdated. Firstly, the texture is complemented by the colour, and that depends on the interior style that you are going for. Choosing a complementary tile colour is essential to achieving a classic look that will withstand the march of décor trends. Many people opt for neutral colours, or perhaps a wood-look tiles because wood has been trending for well over a thousand years, and it’s still a coveted look.

Textured tiles are popping up in kitchens and bathrooms everywhere and with new tile designs being introduced every season, the selection is certainly growing. The flowing lines and angled cuts that come together to produce beautiful feature walls add a dynamic look to any plain or neutral setting. They can be used in any traditional or contemporary setting. If you’re planning on going for a tangible texture, then consider a neutral colour to prevent the style from dating. The wrong colour will throw the tile style out.


Organising your tiles is the same as organising your furniture, the difference being that once the tiles are installed, you don’t get to move them around again, which is why knowing exactly what you want is completely essential.

Many designers recommend the monochromatic approach as it is not overpowering, and it still complements most décor styles. Going for straightforward neutral colour tiles with feature tiles sporadically interspersed in the design adds an elegant ambience to any space.

Abstract patterns are bolder and make real statements, however, they are not designed for longevity.  This means that unless you know that esoteric is what you want, the experts recommend you use classic patterns.

Choosing tiles are fun but to ensure you get exactly what you want, start a dream board featuring a range of tiles that you like, and then whittle them down until you get exactly what you find to be functional and stylish. There are many options out there that you are bound to find.

Any tiling challenges you may encounter throughout renovations will be overcome because there’s something out there for everyone. Just ask the right tiling suppliers.