Retina Neve 12

Are the days of grey tiles over?

Colourful tiles are indeed gaining popularity among Interior Designers and moreover, home renovators. As a result, you can now consider transforming your bathroom into a vibrant oasis with colorful ceramic tiles. Firstly, from soothing pastels to bold patterns, embrace the pleasure of lively designs that bring joy and character to your daily routine.

New trends in colour.

According to industry sources, some of the latest new fashion trends in tile colours include Sunny Hues. As a result, we are seeing Browns used with mid-century styling, This period is all about layering colours and exciting bold patterns. Striking Blues evoke a sense of calm and tranquility. The Room Series by Imola brings us our latest product BLU AQ6, a stunning masterpiece on 600×1200 porcelain. Warm Neutrals tones offer a timeless and sophisticated colour palette. Minimalism makes a comeback, redefined with elegance and warmth. Embrace cozy sophistication with rich wood tones and natural textures. Discover a harmonious blend of simplicity and homely charm, breathing new life into minimalist designs. Delicate Greens. Since the mid-pandemic days of bringing the outdoors in, green has dominated interior design trends.

Tribeca from Spain.

Tribeca by Equip is a delightful colourful tile range made in Spain. Drawing inspiration from Manhattan’s trendy neighborhoods, this collection embodies cutting-edge tile design. With a handcrafted look and brick-like shape, these exceptional tiles infuse any space with personality and radiant charm. Perfect for kitchen splashbacks and bathroom walls. Tribeca is popular among designers, firstly for its colourful tile presentations and secondly for its affordability.

Colourful Brick tiles.

Home design enthusiasts are embracing the rising trend of brick tiles. Mostly, measuring around 30cm in length with varying heights, they offer versatility for Herringbone installations, adding a captivating and unique touch to any space. The Slash range from Imola is our favorite of our colourful tiles.

Colour in Stripes.

Introducing the vibrant RETINA collection by Imola, a delightful addition to our diverse range of colorful tiles. Hailing from the renowned IMOLA CERAMICA in Italy, known for their unparalleled quality and timeless style, the Retina series presents captivating and colorful strips to elevate your space.

Redesign your colour.

In this section we look at our philosophy for introducing color into your home centers around selecting a focal point, be it a unique space, a prominent wall, or a striking feature. Therefore capture the essence of your project in a photo. Then create and craft a canvas that allows you to infuse the chosen area with vibrant hues. Meanwhile complement the surrounding “curtain walls” with gentle, soothing tones like warm white, creamy hues, or soft pale olive. Finally, This takes us to our useful ONLINE SHOP for colourful tile options.


Moreover, be sure to visit our Online Shop and use the drop-down filters. Find the best colour, by selecting colour filter, size price or any useful subgroup. In conclusion, Ceramics International has an extensive range of stunning and daring colourful tiles in Perth.