tile pattern - marble look

Are you building the house of your dreams but don’t know where to start? Whether you are searching for floor tiles in Perth or bathroom tiles specifically to upgrade the checkerboard vinyl flooring that was laid in the 1940s, starting with tiles can make the process a lot easier and give you a chance to see your vision start coming together. 

First, consider the area that needs to be tiled

The size of your spaces is the first thing to consider to understand what size tiles to start looking for. Large-format tiles are always your best option for opening up spaces. If you have a compact space, large tiles will extend the room and less grout lines will make the space appear bigger. There’s the option to go the opposite way in small spaces and opt for small mosaic tiles like penny-rounds or small hex patterns, and wrap it from the floor to the ceiling to extend the room even more. 

Tiles are the most versatile material when it comes to finding your unique style and look. Once you’ve selected the perfect tile, the next daunting step is deciding on a pattern. There are endless ways to lay tiles and you’ll find that even the simplest tile can make an extraordinary impact when laid in a unique pattern. 

What are the most common tile-laying patterns?

The most popular and easy to lay style of floor and wall tiles in Perth is straight cohesive lines. These patterns include traditional grid or alternating stacks, diagonal and brick patterns using simple square or rectangle tiles. The appeal of these traditional patterns is that you have more control over the grout joints, and the tiles themselves will line up perfectly along the edges of your floor and wall, making these patterns the most popular for DIY projects. 

If you want a more dramatic design while keeping clean straight lines, the herringbone pattern is a cult favourite, especially in bathroom tiles seen in Osborne Park. This pattern is achieved by laying each tile at a 45 degree angle, at a 90 degree angle to the next one. This pattern is great for drawing the eye through the room. A Chevron pattern is laid similarly but with the tile edges laid to match up to create cleaner lines. Herringbone seems to be the front runner in the design race at the moment and is one of the most desired patterns especially for wood tiles in Perth. Wood-look tiles are widely available in Perth and are a must to create a modern and warm feel throughout your home and embrace a classic design throughout, giving your decorative tiles a chance to shine. 

French pattern tiles are a popular choice for outdoor areas with the intricate designs appearing random but coming together to create an eye-catching design. You will find that most porcelain tiles in Perth can be ordered in different sizes of squares and rectangles to achieve this look, or you can do a little more digging and find tiles that already come in specific sizes for the purpose of laying them in a french pattern. This style is popular with natural stones and travertine but you can go for a modern tile to create a contemporary look. 

Whichever tile pattern you choose, we have high quality tiles for you

If you have a tighter budget we recommend using ceramic or porcelain tiles for the majority of the floor and walls as these are the most affordable with the widest range offered at Ceramics International, and use handmade, artisanal tiles from the decor range or designer stone mosaics, featured strongly in our showroom, to create your eye-catching features including niches, backsplashes or creating a focal point around the fireplace.