Ragno Realstone Travetino Tile Collection

Crafted in Italy by the renowned artisans of RAGNO CERAMICA and unveiled during the 2023 trade fair as a highlight of their Classic Stone offerings. This exceptional series beautifully captures the essence of ancient Travertine, presenting two distinct and complementary styles derived from this venerable stone.

At the heart of the Realstone Travertino Collection are two distinctive graphic patterns: the CROSS CUT and the VEIN CUT. The CROSS CUT design exudes a subtle, soft aesthetic, while the VEIN CUT variant showcases the iconic longitudinal veins that have long captivated admirers with their timeless allure.

Despite emerging from the same raw material, these two patterns are remarkably dissimilar—a testament to the astonishing diversity inherent within natural stone.

Origins of the CROSS CUT and VEIN CUT Travertine Tiles

To delve deeper into the origins of the CROSS CUT and VEIN CUT designs, consider the analogy of a felled tree. Imagine slicing through the tree horizontally, revealing concentric rings that chronicle each passing year—a vivid representation of the tree’s growth history and environmental conditions. This horizontal cross-section mirrors the visual effect of the CROSS CUT pattern.

Conversely, envision cutting the tree vertically, exposing the linear arrangement of those same growth rings in an entirely different perspective—similar to the VEIN CUT pattern applied to Travertine. Despite originating from identical origins, these contrasting cuts yield strikingly different aesthetics, showcasing the versatile beauty of Travertine.

The Realstone Travertino Collection artfully combines the best of both worlds: the rugged charm of the CROSS CUT and the elegant sophistication of the VEIN CUT, catering to modern and classical sensibilities alike, ideal for creating inviting living spaces.

Tile Colours and Sizes

RAGNO employs advanced 3D Ink Technology alongside years of expertise to offer this series in four exquisite colours:





Crafted from premium porcelain using rigorous manufacturing standards, this Travertine-inspired series is available in four versatile sizes:





These tiles are offered in two distinct surfaces:


Structured (suitable for semi-outdoor applications)

The Benefits of Realstone Travertine

Unlike natural quarried Travertine, our porcelain travertine tile series sets a new standard of excellence. Key benefits include:

Low Porosity: Resistant to water absorption, ideal for wet areas.

Surface Hardness: Offers exceptional durability and wear resistance.

Anti-Stain Properties: Guards against spills and discolouration.

Anti-Ageing: Maintains its original appearance over time, without yellowing.

Durability: Suitable for outdoor use, thanks to its robust construction.

Porcelain Travertine surpasses its natural counterpart, eliminating the porosity and inherent pitting associated with genuine Travertine. This makes our porcelain tiles perfect for bathrooms and living room floors, offering a blend of timeless elegance and modern practicality.

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