Slippery floor signs next to a bucket

Designing your dream home means incorporating both functionality and aesthetics. One area where this always comes into play is practical yet stylish tiling.

Whether your family loves to swim in the pool all summer or stay cool indoors, non-slip tiles are the perfect way to make sure everyone is safe as well as feeling at home.

Attractive tiles are desirable for many reasons – water resistance, low maintenance, and a wide range of available styles – but adding an anti-slip component makes them a highly effective addition to any kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor living space.

Avoid accidents at home with non-slip tiles

Australians love nothing more than enjoying the sunshine, especially when it’s from the comfort of their backyard! From family BBQs to late-night cocktails there are plenty of opportunities for socialising at home, but be aware that wet areas can become dangerously slippery.

Including anti-skid tiles in your interior design plans has become an essential component for any safe-yet-stylish home. Suppliers of premium Italian-made non-slip tiles in Perth offer a wide range of stunning textures, colours, and patterns to suit any interior design style, making sure everyone is protected from slipping – without forgoing attractive decor. 

What are non-slip tiles?

Standard tiles have a smooth surface, but non-slippery versions include a special anti-slip coating for tiles with extra grip. A matt glaze adds a textured surface that allows our feet to find an anchor and avoid a fall.

Ideal non-slip tiles are both textured and easy to maintain. It’s important to find a balance, as the rougher the tile the harder to clean.

Why would I need skid-resistant tiles?

Whether or not you have children or older people around your home, anti-skid tiles are a highly effective way to avoid preventable accidents. Anyone can get injured from a fall, but with anti-slip tiles suitable for any space you can find that perfect tile for your bathroom, hallway, or pool.

Swimming Pools

Installing non-slip outdoor tiles perth or stone look tiles perth tiles is a simple way to prevent accidents from occurring around your residential swimming pool when the flooring is wet. Oftentimes the summer months mean the house is full of your children’s friends, and nothing is worth risking a harmful slip-and-fall incident happening on your property.


One of the most important factors for any kitchen addition? Practicality! Non-slip tiles have a durable surface designed to last, and the added coating prolongs its attractive aesthetic. Dirty footprints and spills are easy to sweep, mop, or vacuum up in no time, and vulnerable residents will thank you for the improved safety of non-slippery tiles.


Nowhere in the home gets more wet and slippery than a bathroom. From messy baths to constant showers, including anti-slip coating for tiles when designing or renovating your bathrooms will prevent many potentially harmful incidents. With so many attractive designs available you can have the elegant bathroom of your dreams, without the stress.

What types of low-slip are available?

There are multiple forms of anti-slip tiles available, each one labelled with an ‘R’ rating. The higher the rating, the less slippery the surface is.

Ceramics International supplies a range of gorgeous non-slip tiles with a desirable R10 rating such as the chic Derby Grey brick look tiles.

Purchasing non-slip tiles

Supplying a wide range of unique Italian-made non-slip tiles unlike anything else in Perth, Ceramics International focus on quality and style for each stunning ceramic and porcelain tile.

View Ceramics International’s stylish range of R9 and R10 anti-slip tiles online now, or contact us today for more information.