Outdoor tiles reflects your personality.

When selecting outdoor tiles its very important to consider a number of factors. Done correctly, your alfresco area will sit balanced with the interior of your home. An ideal goal is to look for uniformity, when selecting your indoor and outdoor tiles. Our suggestion is to achieve a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor. The biggest question in selecting an outdoor tile is “What type & colour do I choose?”


When choosing your outdoor tile you really should consider the following:

  • Texture
  • Colour
  • Style

Most outdoor tiles will need to have a semi rough to matt texture. While many alfresco areas are covered from the weather, its still good practise to select this type. If you have a pool surround that requires tiling, make a good non slip selection.

The colour choice should be as practical as possible. Often natural greys and creams are the best solution. These colours will hide dirt and dust.

Probably the hardest point of selection is the style of tile. This will all depend on the style of your home, and the look that most appeals to you. Whether its Rustic or Modern, there is a tile for you.


This range is made by Ragno. Available in many formats, including 60×120, 60×600, 30×60. The manufactures have also produced special pieces for step tread and skirtings, as well as complimenting mosaic sheets for kitchen splashbacks. Truly a splendid selection. Inspired by our busy metropolitan lifestyle.

Stoneway Porfido

Stoneway Porfido was released at the recent trade expo in 2018. This range captures the essence of six new stones, impeccable in style and colour and in four sizes lending itself to the French Pattern.

  • 15×15
  • 15×30
  • 30×30
  • 30×60

Please email us for a full catalogue PDF of this new exciting outdoor tiles.

Realstone by RAGNO

Released at the recent Trade fair. This is an outdoor line of porcelain at very affordable prices. Mostly as a 600×600 tile, this product line does associate with timber porcelain tiles.


55×30, 30×30, 30×15, 15×15