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While we’re all guilty of giving our tiled bathrooms and kitchens a cursory wipe down rather than a proper clean, carrying out effective tile maintenance is essential for their longevity – both aesthetically and practically.

The following tile care guide outlines how to care for tiles and grouting, and when to carry out a thorough deep clean.

The importance of proper tile maintenance and care

Tiles are the ideal surface for durable floors, robust splashbacks, and water-resistant bathrooms. Porcelain and ceramic tiles incredibly long-lasting and hard-wearing, and with proper care can look like new for years to come.

Day-To-Day Cleaning: Keeping Your Tiles Looking Fresh

The majority of leading tile materials are impressively tough as well as being straightforward to maintain. Ceramic tiles and porcelain tile is one of the most popular options, with reliable moisture-resistant and durable surfaces that simply need regular wet (mopping) and dry (sweeping) cleaning to keep them looking fresh and free of residue.

Basic cleaning tips

Sweeping or vacuum the area to remove loose dirt particles, before mopping the space with warm soapy water. Be aware when cleaning kitchen tiles that sitting water will leave water spots, so dry the tiles with a clean cloth right after cleaning.

Note that materials like slate, marble, and granite need specialist cleaners that will not damage their surface.

Removing stains and spills

Wipe up any spillages immediately to prevent stains from setting in. More porous materials like marble require specialist stain removal products – if you’re not sure what material your tile is or what stain remover to use, seek out expert advice.

Deep Cleaning: A Thorough Clean for Your Tiles

Whether you’re cleaning bathroom tiles or scrubbing that kitchen splashback, a thorough deep clean is needed at least once a year to keep the tiles in top condition. Deep cleaning is the scrubbing of tile to remove dirt, grease, stains, and germs from the grout and tiling.

Using the right cleaner for your tiles

Start by finding a cleaner that’s pH-neutral like dish soap (suitable for ceramic and porcelain but not all materials), and make a grout cleaner from water and baking soda. Let it sit overnight before scrubbing it with a nylon stiff brush and applying a sealer to prevent staining.

Repairs: Fixing Common Tile Issues

Chipped, cracked, or missing tiles look unappealing, and also present a serious health and safety issue as both a tripping hazard and letting water seep through gaps and damage the floor underneath.

Loose tiles

Dealing with loose tiles can be a pain, but provided there are no chips, cracks, or visible damage, you may be in luck.

  • Start by cleaning the area, and carefully removing the surrounding grout
  • Frame the tile with painter’s tape
  • Drill four holes to fully remove the tile
  • Chisel out any remaining tile pieces and old adhesive
  • Apply new adhesive to both the tile and the surface
  • Place the new tile in and let it set
  • Apply the grout, wiping away any excess before letting it dry for 24 hours.

Missing tiles

Save extra pieces from your tile installation as these come in handy should you ever need to replace missing tiles. Being able to seamlessly swap out a loose or damaged tile for a matching replacement, using the method detailed above, is a huge timesaver.

When to call a pro

Tile repair is a tricky skill, with specialist techniques and tools needed to effectively tackle a range of tile issues. You only get one shot to properly repair tiles, so if you lack experience or confidence in tile deep cleaning and repair it’s worthwhile calling in experts.

The Benefits of Proper Tile Care & Maintenance

As well as investing in quality tiles from respected tiles suppliers in Perth, the right care and upkeep will ensure your durable tile designs will last for decades. Whether this tile care guide has given you the confidence to take on cleaning bathroom tiles or has made you reach for the phone to call in tile maintenance and repair professionals, having the right knowledge is key to maintaining beautiful tiling.

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