Pool mosaic

The addition of tiles to your home brings not only a durable and long-lasting surface – although that’s a huge benefit! Tiling is an impactful way to introduce pattern, colour, texture, and an interior design style that perfectly promotes your chosen aesthetic. 

Incorporating decorative tiles in Perth is an effective means of bringing depth and visual appeal to your bathroom, kitchen, floors, or outdoor spaces. The immense range of patterns and styles available from leading tile shops in Perth brings unlimited possibilities for design, and their easy maintenance makes them perfect for those busy areas of your home. 

What exactly are decorative tiles in Perth?

Decorative or patterned tiles display a design, whether that’s a floral motif or graphic pattern. Ideally presented on quality, hardwearing italian tiles in Perth, decorative tiles are increasingly popular in contemporary interior design styles, and it’s not hard to see why. 

Adding patterned tiles in an effective way has the power to transform a room, creating an eye-catching design statement or an added tactile dimension to your home. The constantly evolving ways in which designers are utilising decorative tiles show their unlimited possibilities.

The benefits of patterned Italian tiles in Perth

Offering a vast range of decorative tiles in Perth, the selection of patterned tiles at Ceramics International has something for everyone. This brings immense value in the form of variation, with a design suitable for any application.

Bold patterns

Perfect for a statement wall or eye-catching splashback, brightly coloured or vividly patterned tiles make for the perfect talking point in a room. Three-dimensional tiles reflect light and add texture, while heritage 

Retro styles

A return to the flair of decades past has been an increasingly popular interior design theme, and unique heritage patterned tiles are the perfect accompaniment. 

Timber-look tiles

Detailed timber-look patterns printed on durable porcelain tiles are one the most impressive developments in the tile industry, allowing you to add timber-look floors without any maintenance, or additional cost. 

Key locations for decorative tiles

The incredible variation of decorative Italian tiles in Perth means they can be used in virtually any location, but certain rooms benefit greatly from beautifully patterned tile installations.

  • Kitchen splashbacks and bathroom walls are a great place for stunning decorative tiles, adding ‘oomph’ to a practical space.
  • Patterned floor tiles bring grandeur and detail to your chosen interior design style, and this works particularly well in hallways and dining rooms.
  • Feature walls, or mosaic installations are a beautiful way to introduce colour or texture to a loving room or shared space, injecting style into any subdued room.
  • Don’t be afraid to think outside the box! Why not add decorative tiles to the ceiling, use mosaics instead of a rug, or hang a unique design on the wall as an art piece.

Unique decorative tiles from Ceramics International

Ceramic International are one of the most respected leading tile shops in Perth, thanks to a unique range of Italian made tiles unlike anything else in WA. A focus on providing original contemporary styles on durable porcelain and ceramic tiles makes us a trusted provider, with a high level of customer service to match.
Browse our range of decorative tiles online now, or contact us today with any queries!