Cotagecore kitchen with lime tiles and a pumpkin

Designing a new bathroom, or redoing an old one, is one of those home improvement areas that can feel a little overwhelming. Each area of the decor needs to be practical and durable, while carrying a stylish look that will last through a few eras of fashion trends. I’m not sure about you, but retiling your bathroom every few months does not sound ideal!

What if there was a style of tile strong enough to pack a design punch, yet classic enough to impress even the most hesitant design partner? Well, subway tiles have it all! And we haven’t even mentioned the impressive price tag.

From the subway to your home

As you might have guessed from the name, this tile design originated from the American subway system in New York in 1904. It was chosen thanks to its particularly sanitary attributes, and simple, economical design. Proving popular, it was soon used in other cities like the Paris Metro and Londons’ Underground, cementing its place as an iconic tile.

Most interior design references wouldn’t carry so much weight without their unique backstory, and subway tiles take this to another level. This is a classic style that has proven its worth over the decades as a durable choice. Elevating your choice of subway tile with a modern interior design style that fits your personality creates an aesthetically pleasing, and practical, result.

Truly versatile style

Whether they have sleek glass or smooth matt finishes, our Perth subway tiles are perfect for those messier areas of the house. Kitchens, bathrooms and even laundries take extremely well to subway tile decor, as their classic look means they fit in seamlessly with any space and interior design style. With a range of finishes such as textured, glass, and matt, and a huge range of colours available in our subway tile range in Osborne Park, the sky’s the limit.

Another area that speaks to the versatility of subway tiles is the multiple patterns in which they can be installed. Layout is key; if you’re after that classic look then the original repeating bond pattern is perfect, but an interesting alternative is stacking them vertically. For even more variation consider the size of the subway tiles, as we offer elongated and shortened options as well as the traditional brick size.

A durable addition

Let’s be real for a second… While it’s fun to focus on interior design elements when designing our homes, we all want a material that is easy to maintain and doesn’t require regular upkeep. When you invest the money to remodel one or more rooms in your house you expect it to go the distance, and not show signs of wear as soon as it’s been used.

Ceramic subway tiles are incredibly strong, and built to last through years of use. As well as saving you money in the long run, it makes them the perfect choice for those rooms that get a tough go; kitchens, laundries, bathrooms, and even some outdoor areas.

Having a quality subway tile that won’t require repairs or replacements ensures your house remains beautiful for years to come. Our ceramic tiles are really affordable, and sourced from prime producers across Italy and Europe, so regardless of budget, our range of subway tiles in Osborne Park will have something to suit you.

Adding colours and contrasts with subway tiles

Finding the right shade of tile to add to a space in your home can really bring it to life, which is why we love the vibrant shades available on our subway tiles here in Osborne Park. Our range of Italian Splash tiles brings a bright, lively feel with their stunning glossy finishes, while the ever popular Brick Glassy line wows our customers with organic shades and gorgeous subtle-yet-modern tones.

Why not consider adding some understated drama to your kitchen with a contrasting grout? Think perhaps a black grout with a white tile (complemented by dark paint), or else a white tile with a dark grout. The original end result provides a great visual contrast that will surprise you.

Sanitary, and stylish ceramic tiles!

Unfortunately, when it comes to the home, these two things have not always gone hand in hand. 70’s carpeted bathrooms anyone?! While it’s fun to focus on style when designing our homes, we all want a material that is easy to clean and doesn’t require regular upkeep. Especially in those messier rooms of the house like kitchens and bathrooms where kids (and adults!) can make a big mess. 

Our subway tiles are perfect for Perth homes as kitchen wall tiles or bathroom wall tiles thanks to their durable exteriors that can be wiped clean in an instant. This reliability cements their status as a classic choice, as their underrated chic look results in a beautiful space every time. Spend time enjoying your home, not cleaning it!

Bring texture to your living spaces

Using beautifully textured subway tiles in your Perth home elevates them from a practical necessity to a stand-alone design addition. Here at Ceramics International, we not only love the unlimited range of colours and patterns of our inclusive subway tile range, but also the amazing tactile feel they add to a room. With textured finishes available of matt, gloss, or a coarser gild, there are plenty of options to choose from to match your interior design style.

Adding subway tiles with grooves, or a smooth wavy feel, in an unexpected area of your home will add a whole new stylish focal point, as well as a comforting ambience. A new addition to our subway tile range, the beautiful Eden brick look tiles, combine both pattern and texture to create a unique look that is really popular here in Perth.

Level up your bathroom wall tiles game with a combination wall

One fantastic way to introduce subway tiles to your bathroom is to only place them around the lower half of the wall. This leaves the upper half free for you to cover in a contrasting tile, a complimentary coat of paint, or even patterned wallpaper. It’s a simple way to keep a space feeling neutral with complimentary tones and textures.

This brings a sense of symmetry to a room and allows the subway tiles to shine without covering every surface. We believe decorating your home should be fun, and bathroom walls and kitchen splashbacks can be a great spot to have fun and show your personality. The right quality subway tiles in Perth are an easy way to add subtle uniqueness and elegance especially when styled in a half and half design. 

A range of choices from Ceramics International

When it comes to finding beautiful ceramic tiles at an affordable price, the team at Ceramics International has everyone else beat. We love that our ever popular subway tiles here in Osborne Park are such a hit with our loyal customers, and we’re excited about some of our new ranges and the stunning colours and shades now available.

We pride ourselves on supplying only the best quality products to our fellow Perth residents, and each ceramic tile we have is as stylish as it is eco-friendly. We encourage you to browse our range of subway tiles and hopefully get some inspiration for your dream bathroom or kitchen. For more information on our durable Perth subway tiles or any of our quality ceramic tiles,  simply get in touch or visit our showroom in Osborne Park today!