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There’s just something about the timeless style of wooden floors. Known as a classic look for a vast range of interior aesthetics, from chic minimalist homes to vintage-inspired properties, timber-look tiles never seem to go out of fashion.

While there’s no doubt as to the visual appeal of wood floors, the upkeep and cost of real timber can diminish their charm. Opting instead for wood look floor tiles allows you to have a wide range of colour and design options with the added benefits of durable porcelain.

Don’t be deceived by the price – cost-effective timber-look tiling from Ceramics International is always made by expert craftsmen in Italy. Read on to learn more!

Spice up your home with timber-look tiles

A return to natural aesthetics and tactile materials has cemented the continued growth in the popularity of timber look floor tiles perth. Whether you’re looking to add a rustic feel to a farm-style property, add character and depth to a brand new house, or increase the warmth of your sleek modern build, wood look tiling is the ideal long-lasting solution.

There are many reasons to love the beautiful detail, impressive accuracy, and cost-effective nature of tiled wood alternatives. The incomparable skill of Italian tile artisans along with precise innovative printing technology makes them almost indistinguishable from real timber, finished to the highest standards in a low-maintenance, environmental-friendly package.

What are timber-look tiles?

Tiles that look just real wood are known as timber look tiles. Remarkable advancements in high-resolution tile printing enables reputable Italian tile designers and makers to replicate wooden flooring on highly durable porcelain tiles, complete with beautiful colour tones and fine details like grain and textural-looking knots.

Wood-look tiles vs traditional timber flooring

The appeal of wood look floor tiles is hard to deny. With an easy-to-clean surface and a highly durable nature, the visual appeal and similarity to real wood make timber look tiles a practical and stylish choice for any home.


Porcelain tiles are completely waterproof and heatproof with a tough resistance to dust, unlike real timber which can warp in shape and harbour dirt over time.


Timber tends to shrink and fade with age, but durable porcelain timber-look tiles remain firm and scratch resistant for decades.


Wood-look tiling is a much more sustainable option than the invasive process required to create real timber flooring.


Wood-look alternatives are much more affordable than traditional timber floors, saving you money on materials, installation, and long-term upkeep.

Timber-look tiles for your living room

Introduce a warm rustic feel to your living areas with casual-style wood-look floor tiles. A semi-distressed design like the Italian-made Woodmania range from Ragno Ceramica creates a welcoming, comfortable environment ideal for a relaxing living room. Choose from highly-realistic porcelain designs in Woodmania Caramel and Honey colour ways.

A modern patio with wood-look outdoor tiles

Create a unique and inviting outdoor space with hard-wearing wood-look outdoor tiles. The realistic timber style brings a warm feel to any patio or yard, with the neat rectified tiles from the Italian WoodSense range by Ragno Ceramica continuing your home’s chic, clean feel. With available colours of WoodSense Marrone and Beige, these wood-look tiles will never go out of style.

Warming up a bedroom with Italian timber-look tiles

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of coming home to a cozy, inviting bedroom after a long day. Incorporating attractive wood-look tiling is an ideal way to set the warm mood of the entire room, particularly with the chic look of smaller porcelain floor tiles from the affordable Woodstory range by Ragno Ceramica. Choose from Woodstory beige, tortora, grey, and marrone, and opt for a chic herringbone layout for added visual appeal.

Where to find timber-look tiles

With an “always from Italy” ethos, the top-quality wood-look floor tiles from Ceramics International are the best timber-look tiling in Perth. By working solely with highly reputable Italian tile makers experienced in the niche arena of ceramic and porcelain tiling, the strength and fine detailing are at a level beyond any other wood style tiles in WA.

Browse the wide range of stunning timber-look tiles online now, or get in touch today with any queries.