Kitchen splashback tiles

Finding the balance between beauty and practicality in the kitchen can be an interior design dilemma. The value of quality materials designed to withstand years of cooking, cleaning, and a deluge of water is essential, but let’s not abandon style in the process!

One of the most effective ways to bring both personality and functionality into any kitchen renovation is through attractive wall tiles in Perth. From the splashback to food prep areas, the opportunities to incorporate stunning tiles in your chosen design are endless.

The following guide outlines how to best utilise splashback and wall tiles to create your dream kitchen.

Why renovate with wall tiles in Perth?

The kitchen is the heart of any home, whether you love to cook up a storm or order takeout for your friends! This makes renovating a new or existing kitchen a great way to upgrade your property while adding a personal touch.

Working with quality ceramic tiles in Perth for your wall tiles means accessing a vast range of colours, patterns, styles, and layout options – all in a durable, long-lasting tile package. Ceramics International supplies premium Italian tiles in Perth ideal for including in your kitchen renovation, from sink and oven splashbacks to countertops and entire walls.

Leading kitchen trends for ceramic tiles in Perth

Ceramic tiles are an incredibly practical material to use in the kitchen, making it exciting to find quality tiles in Perth that are both hard-wearing and stylish. These tiles make an excellent complement to a high-quality ceramic basin. The top tile trends for 2022 bring the kitchen splashback out of the background and into your interior design forefront, whether you love colour or adore texture.

Timeless patterns

From organic designs to traditional patterns, leading tile shops in Perth have stunning patterned tiles on offer. Make your splashback pop among muted cabinets, or connect countertops with an entire wall of matching tiles to create a cohesive, open space.

Subway tiles

For a classic look that oozes timeless style, incorporate subway tiles in Perth into your kitchen. Contemporary colours and attractive textures have brought subway tile layouts into the modern age, from brick and stack bond styles to herringbone and chevron. Now you just need to pick your favourite!

Marble-look tiles

Accessible luxury is no longer a pipe dream. Expertly crafted ceramic tiles in Perth are available in stunning marble-look and stone-inspired styles; a key tile trend that shows no sign of slowing down. Realistic marbled vein designs bring an enticing, classy look to any space while retaining the affordability and water resistance of tough ceramic.

Decorative designs

Using stunning damask tiles for your kitchen wall tiles is a fantastic way to bring homely warmth to this functional space. Elegant cushion edges remove attention from the grout joins, and distinctly patterned tiles are an on-trend way to enhance your chosen interior design theme or colour scheme. Choose black and white damask tiles for an all-around chic look.

Bespoke Italian tiles in Perth from Ceramics International

A well-planned kitchen renovation can transform your home from the inside out. Ceramics International is renowned for supplying unique Italian-made tiles designed to last, cementing its position as one of the leading tile shops in Perth.

Browse our range of premium splashback and wall tiles in Perth online now, or get in touch today to discuss any queries or requests surrounding your exciting new kitchen tile renovation.