Marble Floor Tiles from Ceramics International, Perth

Marble tiles are growing quickly in popularity. Ceramics International in Perth stock a vast range of Marble look porcelain tiles. They come in two different colours, and in a beautiful gloss finish for indoor spaces.

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The Room Tile Range

This new generation of porcelain slabs brings to the forefront what Imola Ceramica has invented. “The Room” is inspired by the classic richness of the worlds finest marbles.

This range emulates the marbles that only the rich could normally afford. Statuario Venato, with its super fine vein and a pure milky white background. Its pure whiteness is admired, not measured in percentages of white. This marble occurs naturally in very small quantities. Made of full-body porcelain stoneware, available in four colours and formats of 120x260cm, 120x120cm, 60x210cm all in 6.5mm thickness.

NAVONA – Porcelain Marble Look Tiles

2018 will be a year that will see a proliferation of marble look floor tiles. Porcelain marble is the better choice over real marble. Why? That’s because porcelain offers durability and strength that natural marble cannot offer. Porcelain tiles do not need sealing, while real marble does. Its almost impossible to stain porcelain. Its inevitable that real marble will stain. Porcelain is the way to go, if you want a durable floor.

NAVONA is available in two colours:

  1. Pearl
  2. Taupe

The Pearl is a light warm grey that will suit any colour palette in your home. Introduce whites with stone benchtops and the Pearl Floor to create a beautifully balanced interior.

The Taupe is a darker richer Grey – Brown. Notice the use of bling in the cushions and the reflection of the crystal chandelier above. This tile will create a memorable statement.

Navona is made to a large format size of 800x800mm. This stands aside from the traditional 600×600. Later in 2018, we may carry the bathroom sizes, but for now its only 800×800. Be sure to check out our Navona when selecting your next marble floor tiles.

Carrara Marble Tiles

Carrara marble is one of the most popular colours, with its white and grey veins. You  will find many variations of Carrara. That is because in the world of real carrara stone, the colour will be influenced by the region and the minerals present in that region. Carrara marble in Italy will look different to Carrara in India. There is no fixed look or pattern. It all depends on the region.

How to Clean Marble Tiles

Cleaning polished marble look tiles is easy. The trick? Just add water. Forget about the soap. We find the best solution to get a sparkling clean floor is to just mop with water. Detergents tend to leave a milky residue on polished marble tiles. To reduce streaks, add a cup of mentholated spirits to a bucket of hot water.

Room, Taupe, Pearl

600 x 600 Polished and Matt