Brick Tiles – Re-interpretation of the classic urban look.

The latest trend in the tile world, is Brick Tiles. Naturally they are made in various sizes. The traditional 230x76mm is strongly represented. Other sizes include 203×57, used mostly in America. And 106x73mm seen in South Africa. The oldest brick discovered was made of mud, dating back to 7500BC. So the Brick is as much a part of our culture, and therefore worthy of compliment.

Brick tiles made to size.

Brick tiles come in many different sizes. From the elongated rectangles to the tiny micro-bricks, that are a close cousin to the tesserae. They even borrow from the honeycomb trend, to produce interesting patterns.

Given the large variety of bricks out there, it follows that the spectrum of tiles will be as diverse. Today’s these tile also reflect the architectural styles throughout central Europe, with all her castles, villages and villas. As a result, there is plenty of natural inspiration out there, to draw from.

Building Blocks.

Their application is just as diverse as the styles they are made in. These tiles can make a strong statement in urban bars and cafes. Brick-look tiles can be used to bring the outdoors inside, either as a wall tile or a floor tile. Ideal for the home kitchen splash-back. Use the Brick looks tile in the bedroom as a feature wall, to add warmth and create mood.

MTC has delivered a marvellous brick-tile called WYNDAM RED

These tiles are 300×80 and made with high grade porcelain in 10mm thick. This makes this product a perfect solution for garden pathways, classic verandahs, porches and feature walls. 


There are many manufacturers that create these marvellous tiles. Of course we promote the Marazzi range. Other producers include Elios Ceramica. “The wall, by Elios, is another high impact brick-effect range. This porcelain tile if offered in two formats – 75 x 304 and 100 x 200 – in a range of seven earthy colours.” Extract – 

EDEN – New arrival

Eden is a new addition to our brick format. It is a glazed porcelain tile, that can be used on the wall and floor.

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