Imola Ceramica

Ceramics International is extremely proud to be associated with Imola Ceramica. Since our early beginnings in 1982, we have had an exciting partnership with Imola. We now feel like a member of the family of Imola. Fabio Remondini helped our business partnership, to create a unique boutique tile retailer that is Ceramics International. More recently, Mr Remondini has now been replaced with the charismatic Luca Vancini. Our trading partnership continues to grow stronger as a result.

Group of Companies

Imola Ceramica is now included in the larger group of companies. These companies include, Imola, La Faenza and Leonardo. This presents exciting opportunities for our market.


Shades is a new line of glazed ceramic tile.

Shades has drawn its inspiration from the Mediterranean light, colours and sensations, that only nature can evoke”

For more information on SHADES visit the Imola page here.

This stunning range of ceramics comes in many striking colours including:

  • Beige
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Aqua Marine
  • Blue

All these colours are made using double fired ceramic. Useful for wall surfaces only. Combine these beautiful colours with earthy Timber Look tiles.

The decors on this series is also inspired by nature. Hence the beautiful fish scale patterns on blue. This range retails now for $55 sqm. The Shades Red however is $65 sqm. Not all colours are stocked, so allow a lead time of 12 weeks if needed.

Ambience Tiling

Should you require an installation, we are happy to recommend AMBIENCE TILING to get the job done. Bruce from Ambience, has been installing tiles for many of our customers. We have had so many favourable testimonials from customers. His rates are very competitive, and works to a very high standard.

Come into our store for more information on this service. We are happy to post samples.

Red, Beige, Yellow, Blue, White