Stone Look Floor Tiles

At the Cersaie 2016, Imola launched a large range of lovely new Stone look floor tiles. To this day, GENUS remains one of our most popular ranges in stock.


Made by Imola Ceramica in Italy, GENUS is now our flagship stone look floor tile range. The name GENUS meaning seed, origin, new beginnings. This range represents a new beginning in style and development.

The final product that Imola have created, is the ultimate in style and European quality. Genus gives you something truly unique and unparalleled.  In creating this range, Imola begin with White Marble, Beige Stone, and Black Stone. THen they reproduce an infinite number of stone slabs, using much the same method of sorting used by the old Quarries.

Mixed Sizes

To create an interesting point of difference, Imola gives us the “Mixed Sizes”. These tiles are made by cutting the body tiles into strips of three varying sizes, small medium and large. Unlike mosaics, these tiles are singular tiles, giving us flexibility on how to install.

Currently in Stock!

We now carry the three different colours in these given sizes.

  • GENUS 60B 600×600  $60.00sqm
  • GENUS 36B 600×300 $57.00sqm
  • GENUS 60W 600×600 $66.00sqm
  • GENUS 36W 600×300 $66.00sqm

Download the FULL PDF of the GENUS RANGE

White. Black. Beige

1200×1200, 1200×600, 600×600, 600×300