Full Range of Wood Products

Wood floors are extremely popular because of their timeless look and versatility. They work well with a wide range of other colours and interior design options, as well as appliances and furniture. Many fashions come and go, but wood floors are always in.


We have drastically reduced the price of five of our most popular Woodlook porcelains.

They are also incredibly durable, convenient to clean, and easy to maintain. Even if they have some wear and tear, you can always wax and refinish them, unlike carpet flooring, which often needs complete replacements after just a few years. Also, wood floors do not trap dirt, debris, and other materials which make carpets hard to properly clean.


Kuni is our latest range of Wood look tiles, and its truly one of our finest line. This lovely tile is most realistic in colour, texture and style. Made in Italy, Kuni is currently available with a small lead time. On sale now for $70sqm. See KUNI. and take the time to view our Kuni Video on our front page.

Our range of wood floors is perfect for anyone’s living room. If you need help picking out the right style for your home and family, our knowledgeable associates can help. For the best results, bring in your building plans and layouts so we can help you control for all of the important details. We also partner with many leading installers around Western Australia.

We are happy to provide bank quotes so you can obtain the necessary financing. At Ceramics International, we import our living room floor tiles from leading international manufacturers, including suppliers in Italy, Spain, and China.

Woodmania by Ragno

Woodmania is our latest release from RAGNO. A beautiful wood look floor tile, available in 120x20cm. This new line exhibits warmth and character, with its open veins and real life texture.


Ceramics International is very excited about its latest Wood Look Porcelain. Its Called W_ZONE ( Wood Zone). Manufactured by Leonardo Ceramica in Italy these fit in perfectly with our vision of providing only the finest quality porcelain floor tiles from ITALY. All our wood looks are made in Italy. We simply will not compromise on Quality. This latest arrival is quite different to all our other wood looks, which are mostly casual earthy designs. The Wood Zone is more dressed and elegant.