Large Porcelain slab

If you’re looking for iconic tiles that ooze sophistication, marble look tiles are the perfect choice. This is a design that works for both vintage inspired homes and glamorous interiors, with new designs adding a sleek edge, while showcasing the mix of classic and contemporary style only delivered by marble patterns.

When it comes to choosing floor tiles in Perth, their everyday use makes it important to choose durable and stain-resistant materials like porcelain. Opting for marble look tiles in Perth combines this strength with the beautiful marble style, making them a great fit for any room in the house.

The beauty of marble floor tiles

The sheer luxury of marble cannot be understated. Soft in appearance and gentle to walk on, marble-look tiles bring a sense of warmth to your living spaces, uplifting everyday spaces with subtle imperfections that serve to add depth and character.

Choosing to purchase quality floor coverings from one of the leading tile shops in Perth ensures long-lasting results designed to withstand the general wear and tear around the home. Ceramic International offers a wide range of marble look porcelain tiles made in Italy, where great attention to detail ensures they’re a dead-ringer for real marble.

Marble look tiles vs natural marble

Choosing between natural marble floor tiles and marble look designs may seem like a tricky choice, given the significant variance in price. In reality, the similarities are closer than their differences.

Natural marble

Formed directly from stone to create unique tiles with varying patterns, real marble is excavated in Carrara, Italy. Consistent sealing – ideally twice a year – is essential to maintain its clean look and prevent staining.

Marble look 

Using the original pattern of individual tiles to perfectly mimic the look of marble, marble floor tiles come with the added benefits of porcelain. As a tile material, porcelain is a popular choice thanks to its innate waterproof abilities. This negates the need for sealants, making them easy to clean with minimal maintenance.

Be sure to purchase quality marble look tiles in Perth from Italy, where advanced manufacturing techniques are used to accurately replicate natural marble in a variety of stylish looks.

The current trends on marble look tiles

Porcelain tiles that perfectly simulate the look of real marble are a stylish yet affordable alternative, perfect for new homeowners or anyone redesigning their interiors. Current trends offer a contemporary look with non-slip variations available to suit their use as floor tiles in Perth.

A current leading trend is new veining designs with many exciting varieties available. Chic minimalist styles like Navona use sparse veining for emphasis, resulting in an understated style that works well in neutral tones.

Abundant veining styles utilise eye-catching patterns and erratic designs to create high contrast tiles that use intricate detail to pack a powerful interior design punch.

Durable porcelain tiles from Ceramics International are available in multiple warm colours inspired by the richness of the world’s best marble – think luxurious milky white, chic pearl, or warm taupe tones.

Premium marble-look tiles in Perth

Ceramics International works with leading suppliers in Italy to provide premium quality porcelain and ceramic tiles to the people of Perth.
Contact us today to discuss your requirements for marble floor tiles, or pop into one of our fully stocked tile shops in Perth today to choose your new marble tiles in person.